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Volume XX | Issue 14

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COVID-19 Related Funding
Opportunities related to the COVID-19 pandemic

Current COVID-19 funding opportunities are available on our website.



National Funding
Opportunities throughout the U.S.

Support for Character Development Efforts in the U.S. and Abroad
John Templeton Foundation

The John Templeton Foundation serves as a philanthropic catalyst for discoveries relating to the deepest and most perplexing questions facing humankind. The Foundation's most recent request for proposals, "Character Through Community," will provide support to nonprofit organizations that are well-positioned to strengthen their understanding and implementation of character development through communities of practice. When discussing "character," the Foundation is referring to the thoughts, attitudes, and motivations that guide a person's behavior. By "communities of practice," the Foundation means groups that come together regularly to share knowledge, innovate, and solve problems. Examples of communities of practice include a group of teachers in a school, a group of coaches with a sports league, a group of business leaders in an organization, religious leaders within a faith tradition, etc. Applicants should be connected to a pre-existing community or network and should be able to demonstrate interest in the subject matter. The focus is on communities that impact at least 1,000 individuals and that plan to meet at regular intervals. Communities of practice in all settings, including domestic and international, are eligible to apply. The Online Funding Inquiry deadline is June 11, 2021. Visit the Foundation's website to learn more about the "Character Through Community" RFP.

Initiatives to Protect Wild Places Funded
The Conservation Alliance

The Conservation Alliance is a group of outdoor businesses that support efforts to protect wild places for their habitat and recreation values. Funded projects should seek to secure lasting and quantifiable protection of a specific wild land or waterway. Priority is given to landscape-scale projects that have a clear benefit for habitat. All funded projects must have a clear recreational benefit. Grants of up to $50,000 are provided. Before applying for funding, an organization must be nominated by one of the Alliance's member companies. The upcoming nomination deadline is May 1, 2021. The Alliance will send each nominated organization a request for proposal, including instructions on submitting a full proposal, which will be due June 1, 2021. Funding criteria and application guidelines are available on the Conservation Alliance website.

Grants to Increase Dog Adoption Rates
PEDIGREE Foundation

The PEDIGREE Foundation is dedicated to helping dogs in need find loving homes by supporting the good work of nonprofit shelters and dog rescue organizations throughout the United States. The Foundation is offering the following types of annual grants in 2021: Program Development Grants, ranging up to $15,000, support activities that expand the operational capability of an organization to improve dog adoption rates, with emphasis on transport, matching, and foster programs. The Dogs Rule Grant, a two-year grant of $100,000 total, is provided for one innovative initiative each year that can be a best practice model for other shelters and rescues to increase dog adoption rates. The application deadline for both of these grant programs is May 7, 2021. (The Foundation also offers COVID-19 Relief Grants and Disaster Relief Grants, which have separate application procedures.) Visit the Foundation's website to download the 2021 grant guidelines.

Multigenerational Fitness Programs for Women and Girls Supported
Women's Sports Foundation: Move Together

The Women's Sports Foundation is dedicated to enabling girls and women to reach their potential in sport and in life. The Foundation's Move Together grant program supports nonprofit organizations nationwide that foster multigenerational connection in their communities through sport, fitness, and movement-based programming for girls and women. Multigenerational connection can be defined in a variety of ways from girls and women participating together, to adult and youth mentorship, parent and family engagement, or women serving as coaches and volunteers. Grants ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 may be used for staff, facility rental, equipment, uniforms, and supplies directly benefiting the program. The application deadline is May 28, 2021. Visit the Foundation's website to learn more about the Move Together grant program.



Regional Funding
Opportunities for specific geographic areas

Funds for Public Art Projects in Massachusetts
New England Foundation for the Arts: Public Art for Spatial Justice

The Public Art for Spatial Justice initiative, administered by the New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA), supports public art that creatively expresses and embodies a more just version of what's possible in public. The initiative is providing grants to Massachusetts artists and artistic collaborations to create public art in Massachusetts that fosters public imagination and contributes to more just futures for public spaces and public culture. Projects may include public-facing elements that are engaging both physical and/or virtual spaces. Grants will range from $5,000 to $10,000. The application deadline is May 24, 2021. Details about the Public Art for Spatial Justice initiative are available on the NEFA website.

Grants Address LGBTQ+ Issues in Texas
Texas Pride Impact Funds

Texas Pride Impact Funds (TPIF) provides grants to nonprofit organizations whose work is consistent with TPIF's mission of securing the future of the LGBTQ+ community in Texas. The Foundation's Statewide Grants Program seeks to invest in the following: community-building efforts in targeted areas of support with an eye towards movement building in the state; organizations led by Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) working to meet the needs within different communities, as well as allied organizations; and organizations that are advancing systemic change on racial injustice issues through advocacy, public policy, and community organizing. Community Building and Capacity Building grants are provided. The application deadline is May 31, 2021. Visit the TPIF website to review the grant process information and to access the 2021 application.

Major Support for an Effort to Aid Georgia's Women and Children
Ribbons of Hope—Invest in Women

Ribbons of Hope—Invest in Women is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of women and children. Each year Ribbons of Hope awards one $100,000 grant to a nonprofit organization in Georgia that promotes education, health, economic independence, social well-being, or human rights for women and their children. The grant can be used for special projects or capital improvements that can be sustained by the organization after the grant allocation. Applying organizations must have been in operation at least three years and have an annual operating budget of $500,000 or more. Applications will be accepted from April 12 through May 28, 2021. Visit the Ribbons of Hope website to download the 2021 application guidelines and form.

Efforts to Improve the Health of Montanans Funded
Montana Healthcare Foundation

The Montana Healthcare Foundation is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of all Montanans. The Foundation's 2021 Call for Proposals will provide grants to organizations that focus on one of the following areas: Behavioral Health, American Indian Health, and Partnerships for Better Health. The Foundation is offering grants ranging between $10,000 and $50,000 for projects implemented within a 12-month period and grants up to $100,000 for projects implemented within a 12- to 24-month period. Montana-based nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies are eligible to apply. The application deadline is June 1, 2021. Visit the Foundation's website to review the 2021 Call for Proposals.



Federal Funding
Opportunities from the U.S. government

Funds Available for Digital Humanities Projects
National Endowment for the Humanities

The Digital Projects for the Public program supports projects that interpret and analyze humanities content in primarily digital platforms and formats, such as websites, mobile applications and tours, interactive touch screens and kiosks, games, and virtual environments. These projects should present analysis that deepens public understanding of significant humanities ideas; incorporate sound humanities scholarship; involve humanities scholars in all phases of development and production; include appropriate digital media professionals; reach a broad public through a realistic plan for development, marketing, and distribution; create appealing digital formats for the general public; and demonstrate the capacity to sustain themselves. Optional drafts are due May 5, 2021. The application deadline is June 9, 2021.

Community Alzheimer's Programs Supported
Department of Health and Human Services

The Alzheimer's Disease Programs Initiative - Grants to States and Communities supports the development and expansion of dementia-capable home and community-based service systems in states and communities. These systems should identify people with possible dementia and recommend that they see a physician for a timely, accurate diagnosis and to rule out reversible causes of dementia or conditions that resemble it; ensure that program eligibility and resource allocation take into account the impact of cognitive disabilities; ensure that staff communicate effectively with people with dementia and their caregivers and provide services that are person- and family-centered, offer self-direction of services, and are culturally appropriate; educate workers to identify possible dementia and understand the symptoms of dementia and appropriate services; educate the public about brain health, including information about the risk factors associated with developing dementia, first signs of cognitive problems, management of symptoms if individuals have dementia, support programs, and opportunities to participate in research; implement quality assurance systems that measure how effectively providers serve people with dementia and their caregivers; and encourage development of dementia-friendly communities, which include key parts of dementia-capability. The application deadline is May 10, 2021.



PathFinder: Featured Resource
A library of quality resources designed to help you develop your career path as a grants professional

Monthly Giving: Your Nonprofit Sustainability Plan
Are you interested in starting or improving upon a monthly giving program? If the answer is yes, you might be interested in attending the free webinar "Monthly Giving: Your Nonprofit Sustainability Plan," which will be held on April 28, 2021. Hosted by Productive Fundraising, this webinar discusses how to launch, market, and grow a monthly giving program at a nonprofit organization. It highlights the data behind why monthly giving is the key to nonprofit sustainability and provides specific, actionable steps for launching or expanding a monthly giving program.



Upcoming Online Education Trainings
Live Webinars

Unless otherwise noted, all Online Education Trainings are webinars,
are 90 minutes in duration, and are scheduled to begin at 2 PM Eastern Time.

Growing Your Grants Readiness (NEW)
What does it take to be a successful grantseeking organization? Success in grantsmanship involves much more than being able to write a good proposal. As an organization, you must also have the right culture, the right values, the right tools, and the right resources in place to support your grantseeking process and manage your grant-funded programs and services well on behalf of your funder and the community you serve. In this lively, interactive session, Maryn Boess will explain how to lay the groundwork for effective grantsmanship in both your organization's culture and its practices. You'll understand the importance of mission-driven grantsmanship—and why its opposite will undermine your organization's health and success. You'll be able to identify your organization's needs and resources to support a systematic and strategic grantseeking process. You'll gain a clear, powerful, flexible framework for developing and strengthening financial and program accountability. BONUS: You'll be introduced to GrantsMagic U's exclusive Grants Readiness Assessment Checklist—a detailed tool to help you identify what vital grants-readiness resources and practices are already working well in your organization, and where changes and improvements need to be made in order to make sure your organization is truly "grants ready"! The webinar will be held on Wednesday, April 14, 2021.

Trauma-Informed Nonprofit Leadership (NEW)
While there is a thriving literature on "secondary trauma" in clinical psychology, social work, and stress management, little is still known about how secondary trauma emerges in nonprofit organizations. Also known as "vicarious trauma" or "compassion fatigue," secondary trauma refers to an emotional state in which an individual (e.g., a staff person or volunteer) experiences the pain, sadness, distress, or other negative emotion of a second individual (e.g., an organizational client). For instance, a counselor listens to the reactions of a client to traumatic situations, which indirectly produce distress and traumatization in the counselor. Think second-hand smoke: the client transmits, through emotional contagion, their trauma to the nonprofit staff member. The staff member, in turn, experiences some of the same effects of trauma as the client: stress, burnout, difficulty trusting others, and disillusionment with society. In the case of the staff person, this erosion of trust and disillusionment can extend to the organization if secondary trauma is not carefully managed. Based on Dr. Anthony Silard's research with over 150 secondary-trauma-affected nonprofit executive directors, staff, and volunteers, in this session you will learn how secondary trauma emerges in nonprofit organizations. You will then learn how you, as a nonprofit leader, can guide a high-performance organization into the future by interacting with secondary-trauma-affected team members so they can both make sense of and find meaning in their trauma and retain their productivity. Following this session, participants will be able to identify the role of secondary trauma in nonprofit organizations, understand how to manage secondary-trauma-affected staff and volunteers, distinguish the intrapersonal and organizational outcomes of secondary trauma in nonprofit organizations, develop strategies for detecting and responding to secondary trauma, and discuss the potential benefits of secondary trauma to individual and organizational development. The webinar will be held on Thursday, April 15, 2021.

FREE Tour of the GrantStation Website
Join Jeremy Smith, Communications and Technology Director, and Kerry Glauser, Research Specialist, for a quick tour of the GrantStation website. This tour will cover all of the features in, including navigation, search interfaces, and charitable database search criteria. This tour will provide tips on the most effective way to use all of the valuable resources the website offers, including the extensive funder databases that can help you identify the grantmakers most likely to fund your programs or projects. By using GrantStation's databases and resource tools, you can begin to develop a successful grantseeking strategy for the next 12 to 18 months. The webinar will be held on Tuesday, April 20, 2021.



GrantStation Announcements
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FREE webinar with nationally recognized expert Alice Ruhnke
Proposal Writing in 2021: What's Different and What's the Same?

Nonprofit organizations are significantly impacted by the ongoing pandemic and not only suffer from a lack of funds but continue to see an increase in people needing services. How do we move forward in our proposal writing strategies in 2021? During this webinar, we will discuss trends in giving, what has changed, and what remains the same so we can weather the storm and continue providing important, mission-driven services. Register here to join us on Tuesday, April 27, 2021, 2 PM EDT for this free 90-minute webinar.

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National Funding Opportunities
Support for Character Development Efforts in the U.S. and Abroad
Initiatives to Protect Wild Places Funded
Grants to Increase Dog Adoption Rates
Multigenerational Fitness Programs for Women and Girls Supported

Regional Funding Opportunities
Funds for Public Art Projects in Massachusetts
Grants Address LGBTQ+ Issues in Texas
Major Support for an Effort to Aid Georgia’s Women and Children
Efforts to Improve the Health of Montanans Funded

Federal Funding Opportunities
Funds Available for Digital Humanities Projects
Community Alzheimer's Programs Supported