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Volume XVI | Issue 9

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National Funding
Opportunities Throughout the U.S.

Support for Children’s Bereavement Programs
National Alliance for Grieving Children: Grief Reach
The goal of Grief Reach, administered by the National Alliance for Grieving Children with funding from the New York Life Foundation, is to provide support for children's bereavement programs in order to expand their reach to underserved youth populations. In 2017, Grief Reach will provide support through the following two programs: Community Expansion Grants, ranging from $15,000 to $100,000, fund program expansion to include bereaved children and teens not currently served by existing services. Capacity Building Grants of $10,000 help nonprofit organizations to secure the professional assistance necessary to enhance organizational capacity and address issues of organizational development and effectiveness. Applications for Cycle 1 will be accepted from March 6 through April 10, 2017; applications for Cycle 2 will be accepted from June 22 through August 7, 2017. Visit the National Alliance for Grieving Children’s website to learn more about each grant program.

Gift Cards Donated to Community Volunteer Projects
The Home Depot Foundation: Community Impact Grants Program
The Home Depot Foundation Community Impact Grants Program provides support to nonprofit organizations and public service agencies in the U.S. that are using the power of volunteers to improve the physical health of their communities. Proposals for the following community improvement activities will be considered: repairs, refurbishments, and modifications to low-income or transitional housing or community facilities (schools, community centers, senior centers, etc.); weatherizing or increasing energy efficiency of low-income or transitional housing or community facilities; and engaging volunteers to help veterans in their community through service projects focusing on the renovation, repair, and improvement of homes and other properties. Grants of up to $5,000 are made in the form of The Home Depot gift cards for the purchase of tools, materials, or services. Requests will be accepted on a rolling basis through December 31, 2017. Visit the Foundation’s website to submit an online application.

Domestic Violence Shelters in Every State Funded
The Mary Kay Foundation: Domestic Violence Shelter Grant Program
The Mary Kay Foundation is committed to ending the epidemic of domestic violence by providing grants to women's shelters throughout the United States. Each year, the Foundation’s Domestic Violence Shelter Grant Program awards grants of $20,000 to at least one domestic violence shelter in every state; remaining funds are distributed based on state population. Applying organizations must offer immediate overnight housing to women and children affected by domestic violence. The application deadline is April 30, 2017. Visit the Foundation’s website to submit an online application form.

Grants Promote Outdoor Adventures
The North Face Explore Fund
The North Face Explore Fund provides grants to nonprofit organizations in the U.S. that provide their participants with meaningful outdoor experiences. The Fund supports programs that take people on outdoor adventures with the goal of using time outside to promote positive personal and societal growth, love of nature, and the development of outdoor skills. In 2017, the Fund will offer grants in the following two categories: Outdoor Experiences and Leadership, and Environmental Stewardship. Across both categories, programs should show how they are 1) increasing diversity and access to underrepresented populations in the outdoors, and 2) developing an appreciation for the outdoors through multiple engagements versus one-day events. The application deadline is April 5, 2017. Visit the Fund’s website to complete the eligibility quiz and submit an online application.


Regional Funding
Opportunities for Specific Areas

STEM Programs Supported in Rural School Districts
Monsanto Fund: America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education
America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education, an initiative of the Monsanto Fund, helps farmers positively impact their communities and support local school districts. The program gives farmers in selected counties in 41 states the opportunity to nominate a rural public school district to compete for grants to promote science and math education. Once nominated by a local farmer, school district administrators are eligible to submit an application for either a grant of up to $10,000 or a grant of up to $25,000 to support a science or math educational program. The more farmers that nominate a school district, the more it demonstrates community support and strengthens the school district’s application. Farmers must submit nominations by April 1, 2017, and the deadline for schools to apply is April 15, 2017. Visit the program’s website to submit an online nomination.

Funds for Organizations Addressing Poverty in South Carolina
Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina: Caritas Grants
The Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina works to address the root causes and effects of poverty in South Carolina. The Foundation’s Caritas Grants provide support to nonprofit organizations and faith-based agencies based in the state that offer outreach services in order to meet the basic needs of the poor, including food, clothing, shelter, and free health programs. These awards of up to $7,500 are designed for organizations with annual budgets of less than $900,000 that are dealing with situational poverty or crisis poverty. The 2017 application deadlines for Caritas Grants are April 4 and October 3. Visit the Sisters of Charity Foundation’s website to review the application guidelines.

Capital Grants for Indiana Nonprofit Organizations
SIA Foundation
The SIA (Subaru of Indiana Automotive) Foundation supports nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies throughout Indiana that work to improve the quality of life and help to meet the needs of the residents of the state. The Foundation's funding priorities include arts and culture, education, and health and welfare. Capital grants, which range from $1,000 to $10,000, must be used for investments in facilities, equipment, or real estate. For the first application cycle of 2017, applications will be accepted through March 31. Visit the Foundation’s website to apply.

Advocacy Support for Oregon Affordable Housing
Meyer Memorial Trust: Affordable Housing Initiative
The Meyer Memorial Trust invests in organizations, communities, ideas, and efforts that contribute to a flourishing and equitable Oregon. The Trust’s Affordable Housing Initiative aims to strengthen the long-term health and sustainability of Oregon’s existing affordable housing. The current Request for Proposals supports the Initiative’s goal of promoting advocacy, policy, and systems change to increase the availability of affordable housing throughout the state. The Trust anticipates awarding up to $600,000 through two funding tracks: The Advocacy Mobilizers track will award smaller grants for organizing efforts in the early stages of mobilizing support. The Campaign Leader track will award grants to support more focused or fully developed campaigns that have an articulated strategy for changing a specific system or policy. The proposal deadline for both tracks is April 5, 2017. Visit the Trust’s website to download the RFP.


Federal Funding
Opportunities from the U.S. Government

Program Helps Libraries and Museums Create Social Change
Institute of Museum and Library Services
The Activating Community Opportunities Using Museums/Libraries as Assets program supports projects that will help libraries, archives, and museums (LAMs) and their communities learn together how to build upon the unique abilities of LAMs to achieve positive change. The application deadline is April 3, 2017. 

Conservation Partnerships Supported
Natural Resources Conservation Service
The Regional Conservation Partnership Program supports locally driven, public-private partnerships that improve the nation’s water quality, combat drought, enhance soil health, support wildlife habitats, and protect agricultural viability. The pre-application deadline is April 21, 2017. 


Partner Depot
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Online Education
Unless otherwise noted, all Online Education Trainings are webinars, 90 minutes in duration, and are scheduled to begin at 2 PM Eastern Time.

Writing Federal Grants
Alice RuhnkeThe federal government is increasingly interested in funding the important work done by community and faith-based groups throughout the country. Every year the government releases millions of dollars to help nonprofit organizations serve their communities.

During this webinar, Alice Ruhnke will talk about how to identify federal grant opportunities, and she'll outline the major elements of grant applications required by most federal agencies. Resources to help your organization through the government grant seeking process will also be discussed.

This presentation will be held Thursday, April 6, 2017 and is for intermediate participants. Sign Up Today!


What's New at GrantStation?


International Grant Professionals Day March 10, 2017
GrantStation Salutes Grant Professionals All Over the World! The Grant Professionals Association (GPA) announces the third annual International Grant Professionals Day March 10, 2017. International Grant Professionals Day recognizes and celebrates the work of grant professionals who serve as administrators, consultants, managers, grantmakers, and writers.

Every day, grant professionals work diligently, usually behind the scenes, to seek grant opportunities, administer projects, and implement important programs for the benefit of society’s disadvantaged and underserved people. These talented professionals are dedicated to providing the highest standard of ethics, quality program development, thoughtful project implementation, and wise financial stewardship. Often, those standards extend beyond the mere financial and include capacity support, long-term solutions to challenges, fundraising assistance, expert project management, sustainable programming, and so much more.

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National Funding Opportunities
Support for Children’s Bereavement Programs
Gift Cards Donated to Community Volunteer Projects
Domestic Violence Shelters in Every State Funded
Grants Promote Outdoor Adventures

Regional Funding Opportunities
STEM Programs Supported in Rural School Districts
Funds for Organizations Addressing Poverty in South Carolina
Capital Grants for Indiana Nonprofit Organizations
Advocacy Support for Oregon Affordable Housing

Federal Funding Opportunities
Program Helps Libraries and Museums Create Social Change
Conservation Partnerships Supported