This area of the website offers Members a number of tools and resources to bolster their grantseeking strategies and the management of their awards.

Grants 2020

The first of the Vision2020 tools, Grants2020 is an interactive visioning tool to help you realize the grants potential for your organization. Using a copy of your operating budget and a breakdown of grant awards (amount and source) you can visually see your grants potential. In addition to the visual depiction of your funding sources, you also receive custom analysis and recommendations based on the information you entered.

Take the Grants2020 Tour

Once you have gone through the tool, you can print off your results and share them with other staff, a Board of Directors, or even the Fund Raising Committee.

Creating Time

Offers practical solutions to common time management problems, including worksheets to determine whether a funding opportunity is worth pursuing.

Grantseeking Calendar

This series teaches you how to establish a one-year grantseeking calendar.

In-Kind Contributions

Addresses the importance of documenting these types of gifts and offers suggestions for beginning the process.

Ask the Funder

This section suggests specific questions you can ask a potential funder before submitting a proposal.

IRS Form 990

Shows you how to utilize IRS Form 990 when researching funders.