Canada Post Community Foundation

The purpose of the Canada Post Community Foundation is to deliver a brighter future for Canadian children. The Foundation will fund projects that support the three primary focus areas of community, education, and health.

Funding is awarded to projects for children and youth, up to the age of 21, in the following areas:

  • education programming to help children reach their full potential;
  • programming supporting healthy children;
  • building safe, kid-friendly communities;
  • services for children and youth with special needs and their families;
  • programs that promote the interest of children and youth; and,
  • mental health programs for children/youth.

The Foundation will support projects that:

  • build front-line capacity to provide community-based support for children;
  • address needs of children living with disabilities, illness, or who are vulnerable;
  • enhance the ability of families and communities to nurture their children;
  • extend a caring hand to children and build better futures for children;
  • support educational, preventative, therapeutic, and rehabilitative programs for children, youth, and their families; and,
  • focus on education, development, culture/civic programs, health and physical activity, social services, and arts/culture for youth and families.

Additional keywords: elementary/secondary, safety