International Visegrad Fund

The International Visegrad Fund is an international organization founded by the governments of the countries of the Visegrad Group (the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia) to promote regional cooperation in the Visegrad region as well as between the Visegrad region and other countries, especially in the Western Balkan and Eastern Partnership regions. The Fund provides support through grants, scholarships, and artist residencies.

Grants provide funding for a diverse range of activities, from small cross-border projects that strive to improve mutual understanding in the border areas to multilateral initiatives with potential to benefit people across the whole region. 

Areas of interest include:

  • culture and common identity;
  • education and capacity building;
  • innovation, research and development, and entrepreneurship;
  • democratic values and media, including projects that advance democratic values, support human rights and minorities, contribute to development of civil society, and strengthen media freedom and access to information;
  • public policy and institutional partnership, including good governance and public policy in a regional context;
  • regional development, environment, and tourism; and,
  • social development, including projects that strengthen an inclusive society and solidarity in the region.

For most grants, organizations from at least three Visegrad Group countries must be involved in funded projects.

The Fund's Mobility program offers scholarships and residencies for study, research, and exchanges within the Visegrad region and internationally.

Additional keywords: arts/culture, bicultural/bilingual, democracy, economic development, science, small business/entrepreneurship, sustainable development, technology