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TD Ready Challenge

The TD Ready Challenge, an initiative of the TD Bank Group, is an annual North American initiative that provides up to ten $1 million (CAD) grants to catalyze innovative solutions for a changing world. Grants are awarded to organizations in the United States and Canada that have impactful and measurable solutions that will help open doors for a more inclusive and sustainable tomorrow.

The theme of the 2019 Challenge is Better Health. Support is provided to organizations that have designed innovative solutions to help improve access to early detection and intervention for diseases, with the goal of helping to increase equitable health outcomes for more people. The focus is on preventative efforts aimed at reducing the onset, development, and severity of chronic diseases and other illnesses.

Supported initiatives must:

  • aim to improve on existing healthcare practices and services to help reach underserved and remote populations (Canada) or low to moderate income populations (U.S); or,
  • utilize technologies to reach underserved and remote populations (Canada) or low to moderate income populations (U.S).

Grants are not made to/for:

  • elementary and secondary schools;
  • religious organizations;
  • pageants;
  • sports teams and sporting events;
  • individuals or individual pursuits/fundraising initiatives;
  • recreational groups (lodges, fraternal clubs, self-improvement organizations, etc.);
  • conferences, trade shows, and fairs;
  • employees of TD; or,
  • the production of videos, DVDs, and television shows. 

Application Procedures

Applications are available on the TD website. Applications must be submitted online.