American Hospital Association: Quest for Quality Prize

The Quest for Quality Prize, presented annually by the American Hospital Association (AHA), recognizes healthcare leadership and innovation in providing and improving quality and advancing health in communities in the United States.

Consideration is given to hospitals and health systems committed to advancing health by:

  • providing access to exceptional quality, safe and patient- and family-centered care that promotes individual and community well-being;
  • partnering with other community organizations and agencies to improve the health status of their communities;
  • developing new models of care, services, and collaboration; and,
  • partnering with patients and families to design the patient care experience and engage them fully in their health.

Applying hospitals and health systems should be striving to achieve the following five commitments:

  • Access
    The focus is on access to affordable, equitable health, behavioral, and social services.
  • Health
    The focus is on holistic well-being in partnership with community resources.
  • Innovation
    The focus is on seamless care propelled by teams, technology, innovation, and data.
  • Affordability
    The focus is on the best care that adds value to lives.
  • Individual as Partner
    The focus is on recognizing the diversity of individuals and serving as partners in their health.

In 2020, the Prize will recognize up to five organizations:

  • $75,000 Winner;
  • up to two $12,500 Finalists; and,
  • up to four Citations of Merit.

All hospitals and health systems in the United States are eligible to apply for the Prize.

Application Procedures

Application guidelines are available on the AHA website.