Member insights questionnaire

In the past three years, have you submitted a proposal to this grantmaker? We are seeking feedback from our Members about their experiences with funders to share with the GrantStation community. Please consider filling out the form below. All responses will be kept anonymous.
In which year(s) did you submit your proposal?
How would you rate the funder’s application process?
How much time did it take to develop a proposal for this grantmaker?
Were the funder’s guidelines clear and easy to follow?
Was the program officer (or your contact) responsive?
Did the program officer (or your contact) help clarify the process and offer guidance?
If this funder offered several grant programs, were you able to apply in more than one category?
If you received an award:
How would you rate the complexity of the funder’s reporting requirements?
How would you rate the amount you received against the effort to apply?
If your proposal was denied:
Were you given any helpful feedback or scores on your proposal?