The Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF) is committed to building a national framework for the fight against racism in Canadian society.

CRRF's National Anti-Racism Fund, which will be disbursed over two years, supports organizations designing events and programming to combat systemic barriers to racialized Canadians and Indigenous people, promote education and research, build public awareness on systemic racism, and foster intercultural community cohesion. 

Applications must align with one or more of the following themes and objectives:

  • systemic racial barriers, with a focus on reducing barriers to inclusion by addressing systemic racism in education, healthcare, the justice system, public services, employment, and public life;
  • research and education, with a focus on promoting and increasing availability and accessibility of data, evidence, and community insights on race relations in Canada;
  • public awareness, with a focus on informing public policies by highlighting systemic and institutional barriers; and,
  • cultural and intercultural community building, with a focus on creating cross-cultural opportunities through discussions and dialogue on race, religion, building awareness, and collaborations.  

Projects or events should be designed to achieve one or more of the following results:

  • increase public awareness of public policy issues related to race relations, anti-racism, or anti-hate nationally, regionally, or in local communities;
  • increase public awareness of Canada's cultural diversity;
  • increase awareness of factors such as race, culture, ethnicity, or religion that may be hindering full participation of the entire Canadian population in society and the economy; and,
  • increase knowledge and capacity within communities to address racism and discrimination.

Support is provided through three funding streams:

  • Project-based applications are accepted from registered charities for anti-racism or anti-hate projects aligned with one or more of the Fund’s key themes and expected results.
  • Event sponsorship support is provided to registered charities and nonprofit organizations for coordinating events addressing anti-racism.
  • Youth initiatives sponsorship support is provided to registered charities, nonprofit organizations, and student groups for youth anti-racism initiatives.

Application Procedures

Application guidelines are available on the CRRF website.