GrantStation's 20th Anniversary - Celebrate With Us!

Welcome to our 20th anniversary celebration! On this page you can read all about the activities we’re planning for our anniversary year, beginning with our cartoon series, The Non-Profiteers. Along with following the adventures of the Non-Profiteers, you will find information about our anniversary events, learn how to enter our contests, hear from our founder and community partners, and more.

Cartoon #6

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Big Data

Twenty years ago GrantStation was born in a cabin in the wilderness. Throughout this anniversary year, CEO and Founder Cynthia Adams will look at the company's history from 1999 to today.

The Beginning—Big Data

Steve Schellong came to Alaska in 1993 seeking new experiences and adventures in the mountains and wilderness. It turns out that one of his greatest adventures was launching GrantStation.

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Back in 1999 the Internet as we currently know it was vastly different. Websites were much simpler and were only expected to load on your dial-up modem, and not be graphically appealing. As the Internet evolved over the years, the GrantStation logo and overall look also changed... in some cases drastically! This video will give you an inside glance at how our online image has progressed and matured.

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GS Insights

Tracks to Success

Throughout 2019 many of our long-time associates, partners, and supporters will share their thoughts on what GrantStation means to them.

Using Every Angle

Bernita Walker of Project: Peacemakers in Los Angeles, CA, has been a Member since 2003, so I wanted to gain insights from her years in grantseeking.

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Congratulations to our recent GrantStation Membership winner:

S.O.A.R. Outreach

S.O.A.R. Outreach is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization serving Wake County and surrounding areas in North Carolina. They assist under-served youth and families by empowering self-confidence and promoting learning opportunities through their Healthy Hygiene Habits Program and Parents Helping Parents Support Group.

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