Tell Your Money Story with Images


Do you wonder about the power of using images in your fundraising?

Research tells us that images are one of the best ways to create engaging visuals. I believe using visuals is one of best ways to share your money story.

Awhile back The Chronicle of Philanthropy shared a powerful fundraising infographic from the California Symphony. The article highlighted why the image is an excellent way to show the impact of annual gifts to busy supporters.

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If not, here is a link to the fun California Symphony infographic.

CA Symphony
Image Source: CA Symphony

From the post:
The graphic, titled “What Does Your Gift Support?,” spells out exactly what contributions pay for, up and down the financial scale, from the $50 it takes to transport a guest artist from San Francisco to the symphony hall to the $20,000 it takes to pay for one rehearsal.

We all learn differently. Including images in fundraising materials or on your website helps visual learners easily understand the impact of their gift.

The Symphony image helped them meet their fundraising target during their spring campaign. They even repurposed it to help them meet or exceed their fall campaign goals.

I encourage, no, I URGE you to find a fun way to share YOUR money story. When your staff and board members are afraid to talk about money, using a fun infographic removes some of the fear.

Here are five more tips on sharing your money story.

In more than 30 years of working with nonprofit organizations, I’ve found that when you talk about what it takes to do your work - really, what is the TRUE cost? - with a sense of urgency, your supporters give MORE.

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