Community Development Professionals


Community Development Professionals


Since 2003 CDP has been helping community organizations get organized and get funded through workshops, boot camps, coaching and direct services.

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Quick Facts

Through a spirit of reciprocity, Alliance members support one another in:

  • 2,500 community professionals trained
  • 1,000 organizations served
  • More than 100 new nonprofits formed
  • More than $100Million dollars secured
  • More than 200 communities impacted
  • CDP team has 200 years of combined experience in community organizational development

See how CDP can help your community organization get organized and get funded.

About Us

Community Development Professionals, LLC (CDP) is a social enterprise incorporated in the State of Ohio in 2003. Since its inception CDP has worked with a variety of community‐based organizations to help them get organized and get funded. CDP is an experienced provider of training and consulting services to organizations in various phases of their development, including small business, social enterprises, nonprofits, educational institutions, and governmental entities. CDP has extensive experience in facilitating leadership and organizational training for diverse audiences.

CDP is a mission‐driven organization desiring to make an impact on communities by strengthening organizational stakeholders and building effective collaborations. CDP is a social enterprise that measures its success by its impact and not by the bottom line. We aggressively seek opportunities to participate in projects that make a long‐lasting impact in the community helping us fulfill our mission to partner with community organizations to grow and nurture viable communities.

Contact Us

Community Development Professionals, LLC 332 Dayton Street
Hamilton, OH 45011
T: 513/858‐1738; F: 513/858‐1739
Primary Contact: Mindy Muller, President/CEO E‐mail:
CDP offers affordable membership options starting at $250/year. Learn more at

CDP offers affordable membership options
starting at $250/year. Learn more at