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As New Yorkers, we live with energy, confidence, and an unspoken spirit that connects us all. It’s what makes New York the most exciting place in the world.

But as we grow older, even the most exciting place becomes filled with new challenges.

  • The fear and uncertainty of living on a fixed income.
  • The anxious search for compassionate healthcare.
  • The shame of ageism and cultural stigma.
  • And the heartbreaking impact of social isolation.

At LiveOn NY, our mission is to make sure that no New Yorker is alone in the face of these challenges.

We began as a City organization dedicated to advocating for policy change to further the interests of senior centers and agencies.

Today, we are also an incubator, shaping the future of aging by developing new ideas that take the form of advocacy, policy and program development. And now, we directly serve older New Yorkers, standing beside them as they face daily challenges.

Our vision for the future is to redefine aging by also engaging those New Yorkers who are aging independently to be involved in our purpose. Their zest for living a full and vibrant life is inspired by their rich life experience. Their sense of purpose and desire to give back comes from a place of true empathy and compassion. And through the collective strength of our members and these independent New Yorkers, we will:

  • Champion the rights of all older New Yorkers.
  • Connect them in ways that foster community.
  • Support our members with resources and advice.
  • Transform New York into a better place to grow old.

We don’t just talk about making the future better for older adults. We are on the front lines, working to make change happen now. We turn compassion into action, reaching more and more people every day. All because of our passionate belief that every New Yorker should grow old the same way that they’ve always lived: like New Yorkers.

LiveOn NY: Helping New Yorkers age with confidence, grace and vitality.