Providers' Council


Providers' Council


The Massachusetts Council of Human Service Providers, Inc. (Providers' Council) is a statewide association of primarily nonprofit private, community-based, care-giving organizations that provide human services, health, education and vocational supports. The Council offers high quality public policy research, advocacy, communication and information, education and training, research and cost saving programs to add value to our members and to help them reach their objectives. 

The Council was founded in 1975 to influence and direct public policy change to support community-based services. As the state's largest human services trade association, it is widely recognized as the official voice of the private provider industry. The Council is a membership organization that receives its primary support from its members and its business partners. 

The Human Service Providers Charitable Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is the Providers' Council's research and educational arm. The mission of the charitable foundation is to promote the vision and values of community care, improve community practices, encourage idealistic leadership development, and disseminate information which informs public policy and enhances public awareness. 

The charitable foundation also runs CareVote, a voter registration and get-out-the-vote effort that works to mobilize voters. To do this, the foundation will work with local partners, including MassVote, and national partners, including Nonprofit VOTE. 

The Caring Force, a first-of-its-kind grassroots human services advocacy movement piloted by the Providers' Council team, aims to empower those who care about the human services sector to advance an agenda that creates an environment in Massachusetts that protects our most vulnerable neighbors and creates a stronger economy with the pay, recognition, and respect our workers deserve. To join the movement go to

For more information about the Providers' Council, the Human Service Providers Charitable Foundation, CareVote or The Caring Force please go to