Utah Nonprofits Association


Utah Nonprofits Association


Our Mission

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UNA's Vision and Mission

VISION: The Utah Nonprofit Association promotes strong and vibrant communities for all of Utah

MISSION: To unify, strengthen and elevate Utah's nonprofits.

UNA's Value Proposition

The Utah Nonprofit Association will provide its members and partners the opportunity to engage in meaningful and dynamic relationships. UNA will:

UNIFY: Be the connector of nonprofits and communities in the delivery of nonprofit programs and services

STRENGTHEN: Be the portal of nonprofit expertise, education, information and benefits

ELEVATE: Be the voice and promote the essential value of the nonprofit community

UNA's Priority Strategies


  • Create opportunities for building strategic relationships and partnerships between and among nonprofits, government and business groups.
  • Develop strategies for delivering services across the state while ensuring they have the highest quality, are cost effective, and have the most regional impact.


  • Develop and effectively market services and programming to appeal to the full spectrum of the nonprofit sector (i.e. advocacy, board development, and fundraising).
  • Balance levels of programming to meet the needs and levels of proficiency in a multi-level strategy.
  • Continue to offer and improve Nonprofit Organizational Credential.
  • Build advocacy resources.


  • Enhance marketing efforts targeting the for-profit and government sectors to build stronger relationships, awareness, and emphasize the impact and outcomes of nonprofits.
  • Identify, address and, as the opportunity arises, recommend legislation for issues that impact the entire nonprofit sector.


  • Pursue capacity building opportunities to support long-term sustainability of UNA, including staffing and compensation.
  • Utilize board activity to address long-term organizational sustainability.
  • Ensure value in membership to continue to increase membership.
  • Create a resource development plan to increase and diversify funding and establish a financial contingency plan.
  • Establish and maintain emergency operational contingency plan for institutional knowledge and succession planning.