Washington Nonprofits


Washington Nonprofits



Washington Nonprofits

Together, we strengthen our communities through strong nonprofits.


We make sure nonprofits have what they need to succeed through learning, advocacy and collaboration.


A strong, united nonprofit sector that is a valued partner in creating thriving communities across Washington.

Our Work

Washington Nonprofits delivers on our mission through three main, integrated initiatives: learning programs, public policy, and engagement.

Core Values & Goals

  • We are Washington’s state association, a powerful connector of people within communities, across communities, and across the state. We are a proud member of the National Council of Nonprofits.
  • We are a learning organization inside and out, delivering high quality education to nonprofits while learning from them what it is going to take to improve the system in which they work.
  • Our members are the foundation of our organization. They make it possible for us to expand learning, elevate voices, and connect people. Each member contributes to our collective power.
  • We increase nonprofits’ influence with policymakers and philanthropy so they have a place at the table when decisions are made. By joining together, nonprofits in Washington are strong, effective, and heard.
  • We are inspired by our values to be generous, connective, and transformative.


Washington Nonprofits was founded in 2010 by a dedicated board working in partnership with philanthropy. Together these leaders recognize the importance of having an association watching the backs of nonprofits of all sizes across our vast state during a time of economic change. Washington Nonprofits continues to be inspired by our belief that nonprofits represent our democracy in action as people come together to make a difference.