The Art of Raising Funds From Local Businesses

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Published: January 2020

In this four-part series we cover the steps to take to build a sustainable Corporate Solicitations Program (CSP):

  • The first module focuses on corporate giving trends, and how to leverage those trends when asking for support.
  • The second module is a step-by-step tutorial on how to build or enhance your CSP.
  • The third module is all about how to identify the best businesses to approach for support, as well as how to build a custom recognition package.
  • And the final module focuses on how to develop the request for support, be it through a formal written application, email, phone, or face-to-face meeting.

There are lots of examples provided in these modules. For those of you who are already experienced, we hope you learn something new in each module. For those of you just starting out, this is great for beginners. These modules can be taken together to methodically build your organization’s capacity to raise funds from local businesses or as stand-alone learning opportunities.

Leveraging Corporate Philanthropic Trends
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The main focus of this training is to help you understand  the importance of tracking current trends in corporate giving, and understanding…

Building a Corporate Solicitations Program
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Developing or expanding any fundraising program requires adopting policies to guide the program's growth, as well as establishing procedures so…

Identifying the Candidates and Preparing to Ask
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In this training module you will be guided through the process of how to identify the best potential businesses to fund your organization and…

Making the Ask
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Developing your request for support should be an enjoyable task that allows you to creatively connect your organization to the business from whom…