The County of Hawai'i


County of Hawai‘i


Who We Are

The Department of Research and Development (R&D) is an agency of the County of Hawai‘i.  R&D advances knowledge and innovation to make Hawai‘i County a great place to live, work, and visit.  R&D informs planning, policy, and programmatic decision-making with data-driven research and collaborates in the development and funding of initiatives seeking environmental, community, and economic sustainability.

What We Do

Advance and Share Knowledge: R&D builds greater understanding of Hawai‘i Island so that residents, visitors, businesses, and other agencies can make informed decisions.

Collaborate to Advance Innovation: R&D works with public and private partners to grow initiatives that improve Hawai‘i Island.  Current areas of focus include:

  • Sustainable Local Economy and Household Self-Sufficiency
  • Business, Industry, and Economic Development
  • Community-based Tourism
  • Diversified, Sustainable Agriculture Sector
  • Creative Economy
  • Low-Cost, Efficient, Renewable, and Resilient Energy Systems
  • Sustainable Development, with a focus on Climate Change

Collaborate to Fund Innovation: R&D builds greater understanding of public and private funding resources and leverages them to grow initiatives that improve Hawai‘i Island.