National Nonprofit Minority Association


National Nonprofit Minority Association


The National Nonprofit Minority Association has grown to support nonprofit organizations and professionals around the world by providing resources, education and guidance for:

  • managing and leading more effectively;
  • fostering and sustaining fruitful collaborations;
  • achieving greater impact in communities;
  • advocating on issues affecting minorities in the nonprofit sector; and,
  • promoting the value of nonprofit organizations.

Our Mission

NNMA unites nonprofit leaders to business owners of color who provide services to them nationally to create a network of support that leverages resources to build their communities.

Our Vision

NNMA’S vision is to build a diverse and elite sector of professionals of color globally, who unite to change the narrative of people of color in nonprofits for future generations.

Our Core Values

We build personal relationships with minority leaders that strengthen them and meet their needs to better serve in their communities
We seek to eliminate all barriers of racial discrimination inside the nonprofit sector
We are partners with nonprofits of all backgrounds but particularly with those that are founded and led by minorities.
We always conduct business in a manner that respects every person in our association from – our consumers, donors, investors, boards, volunteers, and staff.
We promote change, creativity, adaptability in organizational and individual practices.