Live Webinars: Celebrating 10 Years of Bright Ideas

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Alice Ruhnke
Logic Models
Logic models are not a passing fad. If you need to create a logic model for your program, but don't know where to start, this webi…
Gregg S. Bossen
somputer online
Do you spend hours every month getting budget reports ready for your board meeting? Do you put time into reentering and then manip…
Roxanne Greenstein
Hand holding a vision in a ball
Just as your organization cannot rely on just one or two funders, you also need to develop multiple types of revenue streams beyo…
Ann K. Emery
Dashboard Design
Why wait until the end of the year to write a lengthy report when you can share data early and often with dashboards? In this work…
Alayna Buckner
Paper everywhere
Building a grants program is both high-stakes and time-intensive. But how can you tell if your grants program is working and raisi…
Jeremy Smith
The World Map
Join Jeremy Smith, Communications and Technology Director, and Sara Kennedy, Director of Online Education, for a quick tour of the…
Ann K. Emery
tablet with survey results
You collected data with a survey--now what? Surveys, assessments, questionnaires, and forms are one of the most common ways for or…