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Past Issues

National Funding Opportunities
Adult Education, Environment, and Housing Initiatives Funded
Grants for Commemorations and Gatherings Honoring Canadian Residential School Survivors
Funding Available for Canadian Documentary Films
Support for Conservation Efforts in Canada and the U.S.

Regional Funding Opportunities
Funding Targets Mental Health and Autism in the Tri-Cities Area of British Columbia
Giving Program Benefits Saskatchewan Communities
Grants Foster Cohesion in the Calgary Area
Support for Projects Celebrating Manitoba’s Francophone Community

Government Funding Opportunities
Program Promotes Employment for Individuals With Disabilities in Canada
Grants Bolster Security for Ontario Organizations at Risk of Hate Crimes

National Funding Opportunities
Grants Promote Positive Role of Dogs in Canada
Canadian Environmental Initiatives Supported
Indigenous Youth Projects Funded Across Canada
Giving Program Fosters Diversity, Food Sustainability, and Technology Education 

Regional Funding Opportunities
Projects Benefiting Company Communities Funded
Fellowship and Grant for Young Ontario Changemakers
Family Literacy Programs in Manitoba Funded
Grants Enhance Respiratory Health in British Columbia

Government Funding Opportunities
Funding Available to Strengthen Food Systems in Canada
Grants Aim to Improve Mental Health of Alberta First Responders

National Funding Opportunities
Awards Honor Nonprofits in Canada and the United States
Grants Available to Organizations that Support Academic Upskilling for Canadian K-12 Students
Mental Health Initiatives in Canada Supported
Giving Program Targets National Efforts and Company Communities

Regional Funding Opportunities
Grants Enhance Public Spaces in Manitoba and Saskatchewan
Support for Environmental Education in British Columbia
Funding Targets Arts Organizations Working in the Calgary Area
Program Promotes Safe, Vibrant, and Sustainable Company Communities

Government Funding Opportunities
Challenge Seeks Solutions to Canadian Oil Spills
Support for Sexual Violence Prevention Efforts in Nova Scotia

National Funding Opportunities
Grants for Internet-Related Initiatives Across Canada
Funding Targets Underrepresented Communities in Canada and Worldwide
Literacy Programs for Children and Youth Funded in Canada
Efforts to Protect Human Rights, Animals, and the Planet Supported

Regional Funding Opportunities
Matching Grants Support Climate-Related Projects in Rural Nova Scotia
Support for Arts, Sports, and Recreation Initiatives in the Yukon
Funding Targets At-Risk Youth in Winnipeg and Brockville
Grants Advance Public Interest Law in British Columbia

Government Funding Opportunities
Support for Truth and Reconciliation Efforts Across Canada
Funding Fosters Economic Growth in Atlantic Canada

National Funding Opportunities
Grants and Loans Aim to Build the Capacity of Canadian Nonprofits
Support for School Gardens in Canada and the U.S. 
Financial Literacy Initiatives in Canada Supported
Funding Targets Canadian Children and Youth

Regional Funding Opportunities
Support for Programs Aiding Ontario Communities
Funds for Arctic Species Conservation in Northern Canada
Efforts to Improve Vancouver’s Communities and Environment Supported
Giving Program Benefits Company Communities in Selected Provinces

Government Funding Opportunities
Grants Aim to Reduce Emissions and Foster Green Growth
Funding Promotes Accessibility for Individuals With Disabilities

National Funding Opportunities
Funding Targets First Nations and Métis Communities Across Canada
Grants Increase Canadian’s Access to Fresh Produce
Support for Education Programs in Company Communities
Climate Resilience Initiatives Across Canada Funded

Regional Funding Opportunities
Grants Expand Opportunities for Toronto Youth to Access the Arts
Funding Fosters Mental Well-Being in Prince Edward Island
Organizations Serving Newfoundland and Labrador Supported
Funds to Enhance Recreational Trails in Manitoba

Government Funding Opportunities
Grants Aim to Improve Domestic Violence Response
Support for Habitat Protection and Wildlife Conservation Efforts

National Funding Opportunities
Funds to Plant Trees, Protect Forests, and Create Green Spaces
Grants and Fellowships Support Libraries and Canadian Graduate Students
Funding Targets Underprivileged Youth in Canada and Central America
Wage Subsidies Foster Green Jobs Across Canada

Regional Funding Opportunities
Grants Bolster Arts and Culture in the Yukon
Support for Choral Music Initiatives in Manitoba
Funding Improves Food Access in British Columbia
Grants and Awards Promote Youth Mental Health in Nova Scotia

Government Funding Opportunities
Support for Efforts to Promote Tourism in Western Canada
Grants Celebrate Diversity in Nova Scotia

National Funding Opportunities
Funding Available to Combat Hunger in Canada
Grants Advance Climate Resilience in North America
Healthy Eating Programs for Canadian Children Supported
Funds Benefit Company Communities Across Canada

Regional Funding Opportunities
Grants Enable BC Students to Attend Live Performances
Funds for Family Violence Prevention Activities in the Northwest Territories
Community Events in Atlantic Canada Supported
Giving Program Targets Company Communities in Ontario 

Government Funding Opportunities
Grants Enhance Search and Rescue Efforts
Support for Events Celebrating Canadian Heritage 

National Funding Opportunities
Funds to Improve Employment Prospects for Immigrants and Refugees
Domestic Violence Shelters in Canada Supported
Funding Available for School Breakfast Programs Across Canada
Support for Ecosystem Protection and Conservation Initiatives

Regional Funding Opportunities
Grants to Develop Literacy and Skills in the Northwest Territories
Funds for Trails in the Columbia River Basin of British Columbia
Capital and Equipment Grants Foster Children’s Health in Quebec 
Wildlife Conservation Efforts in New Brunswick Supported

Government Funding Opportunities
Funding Available for War Memorials Across Canada
Support for Efforts to Increase Access to Justice in French and English

National Funding Opportunities
Youth Employment Initiatives Funded
Program Facilitates Donations for Canadian Charities
Support for Organizations Empowering Women in Canada and the U.S. 
Competition Funds Carbon Measurement Technologies

Regional Funding Opportunities
Support for Parks and Recreation Initiatives in New Brunswick and Quebec
Grants to Teach Water Safety in the Northwest Territories 
Funds for Alberta Infrastructure Projects Fostering Active Lifestyles
Support for Initiatives Promoting Equity and Diversity in Saskatchewan

Government Funding Opportunities
Indigenous Arts Activities Funded
Funding Targets Francophone Communities in Western Canada