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Past Issues

COVID-19 Related Funding
Association of American Educators Foundation: COVID-19 Relief Scholarship and Grant Program 
The Enterline Foundation: COVID-19 Emergency Grant
Ohio Collaborative for Educating Remotely and Transforming Schools 

National Funding Opportunities
Support for Community Groups Addressing Local Healthcare Issues
Fundraising Challenge for Community Improvement Projects
Grants Promote Basic Freedoms and Government Accountability
Book Donations for Rural Libraries Nationwide

Regional Funding Opportunities
Funds for Historic Preservation Efforts in Hawaii 
Grants Benefit Vermont Youth-Serving Organizations
Support for Nonprofit Organizations in Washington State
Local Organizations in Company Communities Funded

Federal Funding Opportunities
Grants Available for Medical Reserve Corps Units
Program Strengthens Libraries

COVID-19 Related Funding
Seoul Innovation QuickFire Challenge: Healthcare for the New Normal
Chicago Foundation for Women: COVID-19 Community Response Grants
United Way of Palm Beach County: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Relief and Recovery Grant

National Funding Opportunities
Support for Grassroots Movement-Building Work
Programs to Enhance Children’s Development Funded
Grants Promote Wilderness Conservation in the U.S. and Canada
Music, Education, and Community Organizing Supported

Regional Funding Opportunities
Funds for Colorado Wildlife Habitat Restoration Projects
Grants for Hunger Relief Efforts in Eleven Eastern States
Support for At-Risk Youth Programs in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington
Capital Funds for Organizations in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas

Federal Funding Opportunities
Support Available to Improve Indoor Air Quality
Program Seeks to Improve the Health of Children in Rural and Underserved Communities

COVID-19 Related Funding
XPRIZE Rapid Covid Testing 
Center for Sharing Public Health Services: 2020 Small Grants Program
Texas Women’s Foundation: Resilience Fund 

National Funding Opportunities
Support for Initiatives to Enhance College Programs in Prison
Technology-Driven Programs to Address Challenges Funded
Grants Foster the Development and Maintenance of Public Green Spaces
Efforts to Break the Cycle of Poverty Supported

Regional Funding Opportunities
Funds for Behavioral Health Initiatives in Alaska and Washington State
Grants Enhance Company Communities in the U.S. and Canada
Support for Social Justice and Environmental Projects in Colorado
Organizations in Iowa and Wisconsin Funded

Federal Funding Opportunities
Funds Available for Housing Related Technical Assistance
Program Supports Agricultural Workforce Development

COVID-19 Related Funding
Sorenson Impact Foundation 
Literary Arts Emergency Fund
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation: Special Initiatives

National Funding Opportunities
Awards for Organizations Promoting Music Opportunities for Youth
Ideas to Address Worker Health and Safety Supported
Funds for Efforts to Improve Cancer Care
Grants Encourage Community Organizing for Justice in the U.S. and Canada

Regional Funding Opportunities
Prizes Honor Nonprofit Revenue Generating Efforts in Four States 
Support for Community-Based Environmental Initiatives in New England
Oral Health Programs in Missouri Funded
Grants Foster Social Change in Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina

Federal Funding Opportunities
Funding Available to Promote Natural Resources Education and Employment
Professional Development for Librarians Supported

COVID-19 Related Funding
Social Science Research Council: Just Tech COVID-19 Rapid-Response Grants
Michelson Spark Grants
The Alaska Community Foundation: Coronavirus Nonprofit Relief Fund

National Funding Opportunities
U.S. Communities Working to Advance Better Health Honored
Support for Native-Led Organizations Promoting Social Action
Access to Justice Efforts Funded
Grants Benefit Adult Literacy Programs Nationwide

Regional Funding Opportunities
Community Organizing Groups in Colorado Supported
Funds for Environmental Organizations in Alabama and South Florida
Grants Enhance Dental Health Programs in Wisconsin
Support for Initiatives Addressing Poverty in South Carolina

Federal Funding Opportunities
Funds Available to Help Socially Disadvantaged and Veteran Farmers
Neighborhood Revitalization Planning Supported

COVID-19 Related Funding
Common Counsel Foundation: Grassroots Exchange Fund
WITH Foundation
Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development: COVID-19 Cultural and Museum Preservation Grant Program

National Funding Opportunities
Support for Efforts to Improve the Health and Well-Being of Children
Programs Promoting American Indian Culture and Self-Sufficiency Funded
Grants Benefit Vulnerable Populations in the U.S., East Africa, and Central America
Local Initiatives to Advance Affordable Housing Supported

Regional Funding Opportunities
Funds for Cultural Collections Preservation in New York State
Greater Hudson Heritage Network: Conservation Treatment Grant Program
Grants Encourage Access to the Legal System in Illinois
Support for Initiatives to Create a Sustainable Future for Montana 
Public Libraries in Texas Funded

Federal Funding Opportunities
Program Preserves Native Languages
Senior Volunteerism Supported

COVID-19 Related Funding
School-Based Healthcare Solutions Network: Student Support Recovery Grant
Grantmakers for Girls of Color (G4GC): Love is Healing COVID-19 Response Fund
Oregon Community Foundation: Oregon Community Recovery Grant Program

National Funding Opportunities
Support for Solutions Focused on Employment Concerns in the U.S.
Projects to Address Health, Education, Environment, and Poverty Funded
Grants Promote Contemporary Visual Arts Programs
Efforts to Enhance ATV Access and Safety Supported

Regional Funding Opportunities
Funds for Housing Programs for Ex-Offenders in Oregon
Grants Enhance the Protection of New Jersey’s Watersheds
Support for Louisiana Arts Organizations, Schools, and Artists 
Awards Benefit Nevada Wildlife Conservation Projects

Federal Funding Opportunities
Funds Available to Help Disadvantaged Rural Groups
Program Rehabilitates Housing for Veterans

COVID-19 Related Funding
Lyft: LyftUp COVID-19 Community Grants
AIDS United: Relief, Recovery and Resilience Fund
Michigan College Access Network: COVID-19 Response Grants

National Funding Opportunities
Support for Community Efforts Addressing Childbirth Challenges
Native Organizations in the U.S, Canada, and Mexico Funded
Grants Assist U.S. and Canadian Organizations Focusing on the Impact of COVID-19 
Initiatives to Enhance Understanding of the American Muslim Community Supported

Regional Funding Opportunities
Funds for the Revitalization of Tennessee Public Spaces
Grants Benefit Children and Service Members in Arizona
Support for Oral Health, Obesity Prevention, and Food Security Efforts in New Hampshire
Suicide Prevention Programs in Alaska Funded

Federal Funding Opportunities
Grants Available to Provide Education About Trafficking
Program Helps Low-Income Homebuyers

COVID-19 Related Funding
Enterprise Community Partners: Emergency Action for Resident and Partner Stability Program
Arts Administrators of Color: Arts Leaders of Color Emergency Fund
Robin Hood Relief Fund

National Funding Opportunities
Challenge Seeks Creative Initiatives to Expand Women’s Influence in the U.S.
Grants for Grassroots Groups Addressing Environmental Justice 
Efforts to Explore the Intersection of Faith and Democracy Funded
Support for Youth-Led Organizing and Activism 

Regional Funding Opportunities
Grants Advance Social Change Initiatives in North Carolina
Funds for LGBTQ+ Organizations in the Pacific Northwest
Support for Educational Equity to Benefit Minnesota’s Youth
Grants Enhance the Quality of Life for Arizonans

Federal Funding Opportunities
Funds Available for Rural Workforce Development
Habitat Protection on Private Land Supported

COVID-19 Related Funding
Momentum Fund 
The Center for Craft: Craft Futures Fund
Con Alma Health Foundation: COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Project

National Funding Opportunities
Support for Social Justice Struggles Nationwide
Training, Equipment, and Technology for Fire Departments Funded
Grants Promote Post-Secondary Education Initiatives
Youth Running Programs Supported

Regional Funding Opportunities
Funds for Community Organizing Campaigns in the Pacific Northwest
Grants Advance Broadband Education and Use in Company Communities
Support for Healthy Living Projects in Mississippi 
Reading Programs in Ohio Funded

Federal Funding Opportunities
Funds Available for Native Social and Economic Development
Creative Placemaking Efforts Supported