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Past Issues

International Funding Opportunities
Funds for Renewable Energy Initiatives in Selected Countries
Youth-Led Projects Supported
Prize Recognizes Efforts to Broaden Scientific Awareness
Funding Benefits Mountain Communities Across the Globe
Grants Promote Social and Ecological Change
Award Honors Individuals Working on Global Issues
Grants Protect LGBTI Human Rights Defenders Under Threat
Prize Celebrates Contributions to Girls’ and Women’s Education

Canadian Funding Opportunities
Support for Canadian Animal Welfare Organizations
Grants Benefit Children and Youth Facing Challenges
Funding Strengthens Tribal Councils in British Columbia
Ontario Art Galleries and Museums Supported

Federal Funding
Support for Wildlife Crime Prevention Initiatives in Central Africa
Funding Combats Corruption in Selected Countries

Canadian Government Funding
Grants Preserve Indigenous Culture in Canada
Support for Youth-Led Prevention Projects in Saskatchewan

International Funding Opportunities
$1 Million Prize Honors Innovative Thinkers
Funding Fosters the Cultural Sectors in Developing Countries
Grants Bolster Grassroots Environmental Efforts
Prize Honors Women’s Contributions to Rural Development
Funds to Pilot Digital and Financial Solutions in Selected Asian Countries
Support for Early Childhood and Livelihoods Initiatives in the Global South
Literacy Initiatives Funded
Grants Improve Health in Selected Latin American and Caribbean Countries

Canadian Funding Opportunities
Funding Available for Early-Stage Canadian Charities
Support for Health-Related Initiatives in Canada
Funds Benefit Special Needs Children in British Columbia
Grants Enhance the Quality of Life in Company Communities

Federal Funding
Funding Promotes Accountability for Security Forces
Grants Aim to Prevent Atrocities in West Africa

Canadian Government Funding
Support for Canadian Arts and Heritage Organizations
Grants Boost Economic Development in Atlantic Canada

International Funding Opportunities
Grants Aim to Expose Illicit Finance in Africa, Asia, and Europe
Awards Honor Innovative Housing Projects
Funds for Youth and Civil Society Initiatives in Selected Countries
Climate Change Communication Projects Supported
Grants Promote Intercultural Dialogue and Active Citizenship in Africa
Award Recognizes Individuals Working to Improve Children’s Lives
Rapid Support for Human Rights Defenders
Funding Improves Data Systems for Neglected Tropical Diseases

Canadian Funding Opportunities
Grants Aid Communities, Animals, and the Environment in Canada
Support for Children’s Causes Across Canada
Funding Addresses Environmental Issues in Alberta
Grants Benefit Toronto Area LGBTTIQQ2S Communities

Federal Funding
Support for Wildlife Conservation in Latin America
Funding Available to Explore the Impact of New Technologies on Human Rights

Canadian Government Funding
Grants Benefit Immigrants and Refugees in Canada
Funds for Justice Programs in Indigenous Communities

International Funding Opportunities
Grants Enhance the Public’s Understanding of NATO
Support for Regional Initiatives in Latin America and the Caribbean
Culturally-Relevant Film Projects Supported
Award Recognizes Practical Solutions to Global Problems
Funding Available to Women Journalists Worldwide
Climate Change Solutions Honored
Grants Promote Social and Economic Justice in Latin America and Atlantic Canada
Prize Honors Animal Conservationists

Canadian Funding Opportunities
Corporate Giving Program Promotes Outdoor Recreation in Canada
Funds for Internet-Related Initiatives Across Canada
Grants Improve the Lives of Marginalized Populations in Quebec
Funding Available to Alberta Schools

Federal Funding
Support for Initiatives Aiding Refugees in Selected Countries
Disease Control Projects in Liberia Funded

Canadian Government Funding
International Volunteer Programs Supported
Grants Bolster the Arts in the Northwest Territories

International Funding Opportunities
Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Projects Funded
Support for Education Programs Promoting Compassion
Grant Aims to Ensure the Safety of Central American Migrants
Fellowship Addresses Economic Inequality
Funding Available for Lion, Leopard, and Cheetah Conservation Projects
Artificial Intelligence Projects Supported
Awards Recognize Innovations in Education
Prize Honors European Youth Projects

Canadian Funding Opportunities
Funds to Redesign Classrooms in Canada, Mexico, and the U.S.
Canadian Museums and Heritage Organizations Supported
Grants Promote the Arts in Manitoba Communities
Support for Environmental Field Trips in British Columbia

Federal Funding
Funding Bolsters Good Governance in Central America
Rhinoceros and Tiger Conservation Initiatives Supported

Canadian Government Funding
Support for First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Artists and Arts Organizations
Grants Address Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

International Funding Opportunities
Rainforest Reporting Projects Supported
Funding Aims to Improve Nutrition in East Africa
Grants Address Disadvantages in the U.K. and Developing Countries
Support for African Visual Arts
Funds to Bolster Democracy, Fight Injustice, and Protect the Environment
Grants Promote Patient Breast Care and Education Worldwide
Funding Available for U.S.-Russia Projects
Support for Conservation Initiatives Across the Globe

Canadian Funding Opportunities
Grants Build Job Skills for Canadian Youth
Programs for Canadian Families and Children Supported
Funding Benefits Company Communities in Northern Canada
Support for the Jewish and General Communities in Manitoba

Federal Funding
Human Rights Documentation Projects Funded
Program Supports Marine Turtle Conservation Initiatives

Canadian Government Funding
Funds for Canadian Documentary Heritage Organizations
Grants Revitalize First Nations Languages in British Columbia

International Funding Opportunities
Investments Revitalize Cities and Promote Inclusive Growth
Support for Entrepreneurs Tackling Poverty in the Developing World
Grants Empower Girls in the San Francisco Bay Area and Internationally
Funding Promotes Mindfulness in Africa
Support for Green Spaces in the U.S., Canada, and Selected European Countries
Innovative Urban WASH Initiatives Funded
Green Energy Achievements Honored
Funds for Grassroots Conservation Projects in the Global South

Canadian Funding Opportunities
Funding Targets Canadian Veterans and Children
Grants Promote Wildlife Conservation in Canada
Support for Art Education Projects in British Columbia
Saskatchewan Youth Projects Funded

Federal Funding
Funding Tackles Internet Censorship
Creative Development Solutions Supported

Canadian Government Funding
Support for Mental Health Initiatives Targeting Black Canadians
Grants Combat Racism in Alberta

International Funding Opportunities
$2 Million Prize Recognizes Humanitarian Achievements
Innovative Hunger Solutions Supported
Funding Available for Projects Targeting Women
Support for Environmental Education Projects Worldwide
Grants Empower Disadvantaged Populations Across the Globe
Funds for U.S. Nonprofits Tackling Health Challenges in Developing Countries
Prize Honors Creative Uses of ICT in the Classroom
Support for Conservation Projects in Africa and Asia

Canadian Funding Opportunities
Grants Promote Animal Welfare in Canada
Health and Science Initiatives Across Canada Funded
Prize Recognizes Initiatives in the Canadian Arctic
Support for Social Justice Education Projects in Alberta Schools

Federal Funding
Funds to Enhance Humanitarian Services in Syria
Grant Brings U.K. Leaders to the U.S. to Build Community Cohesion

Canadian Government Funding
Grants Enhance Canadian Youth Identity
Support for Programs Providing Bilingual Access to Justice

International Funding Opportunities
Support for Civil Society Networks Tackling HIV Challenges
Inspiring Humanitarians Recognized
Funding Enhances the Quality of Life in Latin America
Grants Address the Link Between Mental Health and Human Rights
Elephant Conservation and Research Initiatives Funded
Support for Indigenous Women's Initiatives in Selected Countries
Prize Honors Outstanding Teachers
Funds for Climate Change and Water Projects in Company Communities

Canadian Funding Opportunities
Organizations in Canadian Farming Communities Supported
Million-Dollar Grants Bolster Financial Security in Canada and the U.S.
Funding Promotes Active Living in Alberta
Grants Enable Saskatchewan Children to Explore Creative Pursuits

Federal Funding
Support for Small-Scale Projects in Selected Southeast Asian Countries
Funding Available for eSports Initiatives in the MENA Region

Canadian Government Funding
Crime Prevention and Reduction Projects Funded
Funds for Accessibility Projects for Individuals with Disabilities

International Funding Opportunities
Million-Dollar Prize Targets Women- and Food-Related Issues
Funds for Poverty Reduction Initiatives in Selected Latin American Countries
Grants Aim to Increase Understanding of Migrant Communities
Contest Seeks Climate Change Solutions
Funding Enhances Civil Society’s Use of Digital Resources
Support for Grassroots Activist Initiatives Worldwide
Prize Honors Contributions to Health on the African Continent
Humanitarian, Food, and Environmental Initiatives Supported

Canadian Funding Opportunities
Grants Promote Social and Environmental Justice Across Canada
Funds Advance Sustainable Communities in Selected Provinces
Local Food Initiatives in Ontario Supported
Funding Fosters Healthy Communities in British Columbia

Federal Funding
Marine Debris Prevention Projects Funded
Grants Bolster Women’s Economic Empowerment in the MENA Region

Canadian Government Funding
HIV and Hepatitis C Prevention Initiatives Supported
Support for Canadian Arts Training Organizations