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Past Issues

Global Funding Opportunities
Grants Aim to Protect Journalists and Bolster Freedom of the Press
Jewish Humanitarians Honored
Funds to Promote Food Systems Change
Prize Recognizes Sustainability Solutions in Several Sectors

Regional Funding Opportunities
Support for Public Art Projects in European Cities
Funding Benefits Countries in Central America and the Caribbean
Grants Target Muslim Minority Communities
Funds for Academic Partnerships Between the U.S. and Selected South American Countries

Government Funding Opportunities
Climate Change Adaptation Efforts in Tunisia Supported
Grants Foster Public Engagement on European Security Issues

Global Funding Opportunities
Award Recognizes Achievements in the Field of Pluralism
Funding Available to Plant Trees
Support for Health, Science, and Diversity Initiatives in Global Communities
Grants Foster Social Impact Storytelling

Regional Funding Opportunities
Efforts Responding to the War in Ukraine Supported in Ukraine and Neighboring Countries
Grants Promote Transnational Collaborations Addressing Shared Issues in Asia
Nigerian Media Organizations Funded
Program Supports African Entrepreneurs

Government Funding Opportunities
Funding Promotes Role of Women and Youth in Peacebuilding in Select Countries
Support for a Consortium to Promote Labor Rights in Latin America and the Caribbean

Global Funding Opportunities
Support for Conservation Projects Around the World
Funds for Journalists Covering Climate-Related Labor Issues 
Award Aims to Improve Maternal and Infant Health Worldwide
Biodiversity and Habitat Protection Projects Supported

Regional Funding Opportunities 
Rapid Response Grants Target Eastern Neighbourhood Countries
Support for Women and LGBTQ+ Groups in the MENA Region
Emergency Funding for Cultural Heritage Under Threat
Grants Protect Legacy Landscapes in Developing Countries

Government Funding Opportunities
Efforts to Preserve Documentary Heritage Recognized
Prize Honors Achievements in Girls’ and Women’s Education

Global Funding Opportunities
Challenge Seeks Early Childhood Solutions
Grants Foster Mental Health and Buddhist Practice
Funding Expands Access to Trails
Competition Aims to Improve the Care Economy

Regional Funding Opportunities 
Support for HIV-Related Efforts in Selected Countries in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean
Technology for After School Programs in Company Communities
Grants Target U.K. Youth With Disabilities and Palliative Care in Africa
Funds for Organizations and Individuals in Selected Countries

Government Funding Opportunities
Efforts to Enhance U.S.-Serbian Relations Supported
Funds for Economic Development and Civic Affairs Initiatives in Paraguay

Global Funding Opportunities
Funds to Preserve Islamic Arts and Cultural Heritage
Challenge Seeks Innovations in Healthy Aging
Prize Honors Changemakers in Education
Funding Targets Women, Girls, Trans People, and Intersex People Worldwide

Regional Funding Opportunities 
Support for Environmental Initiatives Across the Americas
Funding Available for Ecological Research in Africa
Grants Aim to Empower Rural Women in Developing Countries
Funds to Preserve Indigenous Culture in the Brazilian Amazon

Government Funding Opportunities
Program Funds Solutions to Internet Censorship
Support for Efforts to Aid Victims of Modern-Day Slavery

Global Funding Opportunities
Prize Funds Climate Solutions From Across the Globe
Grants Enable the Documentation of Material Knowledge Systems
Support for Innovations That Advance Human Agency
Award Honors Documentary Filmmakers Worldwide

Regional Funding Opportunities 
Challenge Seeks Solutions to Neglected Tropical Diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa
Support for K-12 Programs in Company Communities
Grants Available for Bird Conservation in Latin America and the Caribbean
Funding Targets Marginalized Groups in Indonesia and Laos

Government Funding Opportunities
Support for Efforts to Promote Human Rights and the Rule of Law in Turkey
Funding Bolsters Higher Education in Kosovo

Global Funding Opportunities
Grants Promote Animal Welfare, Long-Term Thinking, and Effective Altruism
Art Conservation Efforts Supported
Prize Recognizes Efforts to Combat Corruption and Safeguard Human Rights
Grants and Awards Aim to Advance Breast Health and Breast Cancer Care

Regional Funding Opportunities 
Food and Nutrition Projects in Selected Countries Supported
Funds for Nordic Organizations of People With Disabilities
Grants Aid U.S. Organizations Working in the Global South
Support for Climate Tech Solutions in Selected Countries    

Government Funding Opportunities
Support to Combat Antisemitism Online
Funding Targets Latin America and the Caribbean

Global Funding Opportunities
Funding Program Aims to Combat Climate Misinformation
Prize Recognizes Efforts to Enhance Teacher Performance and Effectiveness
Tree Conservation Projects Supported
Social Change Leaders Honored

Regional Funding Opportunities 
Support for Renewable Energy Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa
Social Enterprises in Southeast Asia Funded
Funding Fosters Jewish Communities in Europe
Grants Strengthen Maternal Healthcare in Sub-Saharan Africa and India

Government Funding Opportunities
Funds for Bird Conservation in North America, Latin America, and the Caribbean
Support for Efforts to Improve Ukraine’s Health System

Global Funding Opportunities
Prize Honors Humanitarian Achievements
Funding Available for Animal Welfare Organizations
Grants Enable Journalists Worldwide to Access Legal Support
Support for Projects in Mountains and Vertical Environments

Regional Funding Opportunities 
Google Advertising Available to Nonprofits in Selected Countries
Funds to Promote Women’s Health and Safety in India and Bangladesh
Support for Initiatives Promoting an Open and Tolerant West Africa
Documentary Film Projects in Selected Countries Funded

Government Funding Opportunities
Support for Education Reform Benefiting Girls in Mozambique 
Program Aims to Address Labor Issues in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras

Global Funding Opportunities
Grants Aim to Stem Nuclear Proliferation and Build Regional Peace
Research on Juvenile Wild Animals Supported
Women Human Rights Activists Honored
Funds for Social Justice Initiatives in Canada and Worldwide

Regional Funding Opportunities 
Support for HIV Prevention and Care in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Projects Combating Antimicrobial Resistance in African Countries Supported
Funding Promotes Climate and Clean Air Action in Developing Countries
Grants Bolster Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Advocacy in Africa, South Asia, and MENA

Government Funding Opportunities
Transparency Efforts in Latin America and the Caribbean Supported
Funding Available for Biodiversity Conservation in Guatemala