Blue Avocado

Blue Avocado

What is Blue Avocado?

Blue Avocado speaks for and to the people in community-based nonprofits.

Blue Avocado is an online magazine fueled by a bimonthly newsletter designed to provide practical, tactical tips and tools to nonprofit leaders. A small but mighty team of committed social sector leaders produces the publication, enlisting content from a wide range of practitioners, funders, and experts.

Subscriptions are free thanks to our donors, advertising support, and especially due to the critical support of our publisher, the Nonprofits Insurance Alliance Group, a group of cooperative 501(c)(3) nonprofit insurance organizations that provide stably-priced liability insurance and risk management resources exclusively to other 501(c)(3) nonprofits.

Blue Avocado publishes six times per year through an HTML newsletter delivered to more than 41,000 subscribers.

There are a lot of "experts" trying to tell small- and mid-sized nonprofits how to operate. Funders, governments, university professors, and the nonprofit consulting industry all have plenty of advice directed at nonprofits about how we can be better, smarter, more efficient, more effective, and do more with less.

But, we believe that there is plenty of wisdom and knowledge among the leaders and staff of the community-based nonprofits themselves. We just need a place through which to share it. Blue Avocado is that place.

We also believe that nonprofits can only be vibrant, healthy, and effective when they have access to financial resources and practical know-how shared by experts and peers. So welcome home.

At home, you don’t use fancy language. So at Blue Avocado we don’t talk in the abstract jargon that dominates our sector and deadens our senses. So apologies if some of the pieces are overly blunt or direct; but hey, that’s family.

Above all, our aim is to provide practical information and insights that are easy to understand, easy to implement, and that improve your effectiveness and impact

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