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At GrantStation, we keep leadership and partnership to nonprofit organizations “top of mind.” We are pleased to be of service to you, and to offer free short-form webinars on topics from the world of grantseeking, strategy, and management.

This webinar will assist you in planning for 2021 and in managing the expectations of your stakeholders - board members, donors, and the community at large. While the webinar is chock-full of data, it also covers trends and free resources.

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This recorded webinar from September 11, 2019 shows you 9 great ways to learn with GrantStation, including through our newsletters, GS Insights blog, State of Grantseeking, The PathFinder, Members-only resources, and more.

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Mapping the Course: A Practical Approach to Grant Writing is dedicated to all the compassionate, enterprising nonprofit organizations who pursue their important work without recognition or acclaim. I am humbled every day by your tireless efforts to make the world a better place.

This manual was created to provide nonprofit organizations with practical information and…

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Grantseeking has changed over the past several years. Funders are looking for those organizations that demonstrate intentional movement toward substantial and sustainable change. "It is time for grantseekers to be bold in their requests," says GrantStation's CEO and Founder, Cynthia Adams. Building on this idea, Ms. Adams provides dynamic steps to spur your research on funding opportunities…

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This is a fast paced, knowledge packed training on how to build a credible in-kind contributions program and use it to help leverage cash awards for your organization. GrantStation's CEO and Founder, Cynthia Adams shares her decades of experience in the grantseeking arena. This webinar includes a short tour of the GrantStation website, featuring the extensive funder databases that can help you…

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This thoughtful webinar focuses on the importance of embracing grantseeking as an integral part of the overall financial approach for your organization. As we all know, learning to think beyond today, tomorrow, and next week is a tough assignment. Cynthia Adams, GrantStation's Founder and CEO, will help clarify your thinking as you consider establishing a solid grants program for 2017 and into…

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