Premium Licensing Program (PLP)

PLP PowerPoint
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Current Members of GrantStation's PLP

Providing full access to searchable databases of both government and private grantmakers will introduce a powerful new benefit / value add for your website users.

This is a simple program to introduce. You will receive a special link that can be placed in the secure area of your website providing quick and easy access to all of GrantStation's searchable funding databases and grants information. Your organization will also receive links to automated tours of the GrantStation website. In addition, free webinars on how to use GrantStation to develop a grants strategy are available each month to aid and train your website Users.

Instant – Excellent – Content for Your Website Users
One of the most time-consuming tasks for you and your staff is to develop quality content for your website. By imbedding GrantStation in your website you add thousands of grantmaker profiles, searchable by key word, by funder name, and via an Advanced Search option.

Why would you want to try the licensing program?

  • Quick and easy access for Users trying to identify the right grantmaker – domestic or international – for their projects.
  • Access to all searchable databases on GrantStation including: Government Grants (U.S. state and federal, and Canadian National), U.S. Charitable Giving, and International Charitable Giving.
  • Access to a variety of grants research, writing, and management tools and resources (tutorials, samples, and worksheets).
  • Receipt of the weekly newsletter, the GrantStation Insider, (co-branded with your logo). This is optional.
  • Receipt of the monthly newsletter the GrantStation International Insider (co-branded with your logo). This is optional.

And the best part? There is no need for additional login information – once a User is logged into your website, they are automatically logged into the GrantStation website.

Security Criteria
The following security criteria must be met in order to qualify for the Premium Licensing Program (PLP). Partner organizations or businesses must:

  • Require unique User names and strong passwords, and use SSL to protect them across the Internet. If you use client certificates, smartcards, or other layers of security please let us know.
  • Participate in a simple security evaluation of your website prior to launching the PLP Program. In order to perform a security evaluation GrantStation will need temporary access to your website.

Specific technical requirements will be reviewed before signature of the Premium Licensing Program (PLP) Memorandum of Agreement (MOA).

GrantStation tracks usage and can provide your organization with usage reports each quarter.

Sample PLP report (PDF)

License Fees
GrantStation charges your organization quarterly based on the number of Unique Log-Ins.

A Unique Log-In is defined as an individual who has access to GrantStation via your website.

There is a one-time set up fee of $1,000.00 to launch this program.

PLP Quarterly Costs for
Nonprofits and Educational Institutions
Number of
Unique Log-ins
Payment Schedule
(Per Quarter)

100 to 1,000

$1,875.00 per qtr

1,001 to 2,500

$3,750.00 per qtr

2,501 to 4,000

$5,625.00 per qtr

4,001 to 5,500

$6,250.00 per qtr


PLP Quarterly Costs for
Businesses and Corporations
Number of
Unique Log-Ins
Payment Schedule
(Per Quarter)

100 to 500

$1,875.00 per qtr

501 to 1,000

$3,750.00 per qtr

1,001 to 1,500

$5,625.00 per qtr

1,501 to 2,000

$6,250.00 per qtr

* Custom quotes for log-ins over 2,000.

The base fee is re-evaluated quarterly based on the number of Unique Log-ins reported, and adjusted accordingly.

For additional information contact Cynthia Adams, or call toll-free: 877-784-7268.