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one foot in the work world | one foot in the personal worldHow to Balance Your Passion and Commitment Toward Your Nonprofit Work With Your Desire to Live a Holistic, Fulfilling Life (NEW)

When you are nearing the last days of your life, do you want to look back and see a career, or do you want to see a life? Why is it that you can schedule time for work meetings, but it is so difficult for you to schedule time for the people who really matter to you in your life? Dr. Anthony Silard will examine the most common causes of burnout among executives and then share some time-tested strategies for sustaining your passion and motivation in your work while also developing healthy, meaningful relationships with your family, friends, partner, and self.

In this session, you will learn how to reduce the stress and pressure in your life and, ultimately, how to balance your quest for both success and happiness. The session will blend psychology, philosophy, spirituality, personal development, organizational development, and leadership into accessible, transformational strategies that enable you to balance ambition with appreciation. You will leave with concrete, personalized strategies to take care of others while also taking care of yourself and the people you love.

Session Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  • discuss how to bring their life into alignment by learning how to make small changes to their daily schedule;
  • understand how to balance activity with emotional renewal;
  • differentiate between a process- versus results-orientation and understand the importance of this distinction in finding work-life balance;
  • discern the relationship between work-life balance, time management, and energy management; and,
  • develop their own approach to regulate the monitoring of their email and smartphone, and understand the link between this self-regulation and work-life balance.

The seminar will be held on Thursday, September 16, 2021.

90 Minutes
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Anthony Silard

Anthony Silard, Ph.D., is the CEO of The Global Leadership Institute and the President of The Center for Social Leadership. He was once named Visionary of the Year, and featured at the Presidential Summit for America’s Future and America’s Promise. As a leadership trainer, Anthony has coached thousands of CEOs and senior executives of Fortune 100 companies, small businesses, and the world’s largest nonprofits such as GE, Disney, Nokia, Bank of America, IBM, CARE, Save the Children, The United Way, and the American Red Cross. He has also coached political leaders, including G-20 cabinet ministers.

Anthony holds a Ph.D. in leadership from IESE Business School, which he received with First-Class/Excellent Distinction. He also holds a Master’s in Public Policy focused on leadership from Harvard University and has received two of Harvard’s most prestigious awards, the Robert F. Kennedy Public Service Award and the Manuel Carballo Memorial Award. His leadership programs have helped thousands of people in over 40 countries to create positive, breakthrough personal and social change in their lives and the lives of others.
Anthony Silard