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Is branding an afterthought for your nonprofit organization? 

It shouldn’t be, because what people think about your nonprofit influences your ability to build capacity. Whether you’re trying to compete for funding, people, or donations, strong branding must be present. 

But branding is much more than logo and look. Branding is the sum total of perceptions about what a nonprofit stands for, what it does, and how much social impact it is thought to achieve. And many new, emerging, or established organizations struggle with messaging and visuals.

During this webinar, Mindy Muller will help you ensure your organization’s forward face matches the value you provide behind the scenes.

You’ll learn:

  • the importance of branding and its relationship to controlling how others view your organization;
  • the eight building blocks of your brand;
  • the four steps you need to move forward with strong branding; and,
  • how to use your organization’s visual identity for greater social impact and tighter organizational cohesion.

This session is perfect for anyone who wants their organization to improve its messaging and visuals in order to have a greater impact on their community.  

90 Minutes
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Mindy Muller

Mindy Muller is a social entrepreneur, founder and President/CEO of Community Development Professionals, LLC. With a passion to help nonprofits get organized and get funded, Mindy has authored more than 50 curricula on topics pertaining to nonprofit organizational development and has trained thousands of professionals representing community organizations across the United States and Canada. Mindy is a Certified Fund Raising Executive with a BA from Anderson University and an MS in Nonprofit Administration from Louisiana State University Shreveport.
Mindy Muller