A Consultant’s Best Friend: Why You Need a Business Plan

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Many talented consultants know how to effectively provide niche services such as grantwriting, strategic planning, or marketing but struggle when it comes to running their actual consulting business.

Skills like calculating your profit margin and determining what to charge per project can feel daunting, but they will make or break your small business. Too many consultants commit to overworking in underpaid projects, and they don’t realize they’re actually losing money until it’s too late.

A business plan provides a blueprint for successfully running your consulting business. It is a safeguard against burnout that can help you serve the nonprofit sector, stay solvent, and meet your individual financial goals.

During this interactive webinar, Stephanie Sample will demystify the process of business planning. You’ll see how setting goals can help you achieve them.

This webinar will help you:

  • understand how having a financial plan impacts your probability for success;
  • learn strategies for pricing your services beyond hourly rate setting;
  • analyze your staffing needs for the year;
  • gain insight into estimating staff and subcontractor costs;
  • make a plan to ensure funds for profit, taxes, and appropriate owner compensation; and,
  • analyze your subcontractor needs at various revenue levels.

You’ll leave feeling empowered to write a first draft of your business plan. By holistically thinking about your upcoming year of revenue and expenses, you’ll be able to build a consulting business that is sustainable in the long run.

This webinar is perfect for individuals in their first year of consulting and those thinking about branching out into consulting as well as established consultants, nonprofit service providers, and nonprofits who run small businesses or social enterprises that don’t have a business plan in place.

90 Minutes
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Stephanie Sample

Founder and CEO of Fundraising for the Future (FFTF), Stephanie Sample, supports organizations in leaning into the expansive nature of grant proposal writing and grant-making. Fundraising for the Future is a consulting firm based in New Mexico that has raised over $15 million writing federal, state, and corporate grants for the last 5 years. FFTF provides philanthropic consultation to a variety of local and regional funders. Our belief is that both traditional best practices and multidisciplinary tools such as futures thinking will be needed to usher organizations and funders into this new era of philanthropy. Our website is here: Fundraisingforthefuture.com

Stephanie Sample