FREE: 9 Tools for Increasing Nonprofit Staff Pay

magnifying glass on currencyIn this 60-minute webinar, Stephanie Sample will explore tools and strategies to increase nonprofit staff compensation. We will identify how compensation impacts staff retention and charity ratings, as well as grant proposal success. This webinar is designed for nonprofit professionals, staff managers, executive directors, and board members.

Topics covered include:

  • historical context of inequity in nonprofit pay;
  • trends in nonprofit compensation and staff retention;
  • sector-wide impact of the "Overhead Myth";
  • funders’ perspectives on compensating for staff salaries; and,
  • what staff want: creative ideas for compensation packages.

Walk away with:

  • resources for nonprofit performance and compensation practices;
  • examples of foundations that fund nonprofit salary upgrades;
  • practical ideas for negotiating competitive staff salary increases; and, 
  • tools for educating your board and/or donors about allocating for staff salaries.

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60 Minutes
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Stephanie Sample

Founder and CEO of Sample Consulting Studio, Stephanie supports organizations in leaning into the expansive nature of grant proposal writing and grantmaking. Nearly a decade in international education and multicultural studies informs her work. Stephanie's fundraising innovation is grounded in traditional best practices and includes multidisciplinary tools such as futures thinking.
Stephanie Sample