FREE: Mapping the Course: A Practical Approach to Grant Writing (NEW)

Mapping the Course

To write a strong grant application, you need to begin by mapping the course--identifying all the application components and weaving them together for a coherent and consistent story. This free 45-minute webinar will preview The Grant Advantage's new manual, *Mapping the Course: A Practical Approach to Grant Writing,* and demonstrate how to use the Program Planning Framework to address and connect the standard sections of a grant application. This webinar will be held on Wednesday, November 15, 2017.

At the end of the webinar you will:

  • Understand the Program Planning Framework and how it will help you develop strong grant applications.
  • Be able to identify the common sections of a grant application and how they connect to one another.
  • Be ready to get the most use out of your copy of *Mapping the Course: A Practical Approach to Grant Writing.

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45 Minutes
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Alice Ruhnke

Alice Ruhnke is the founder and owner of The Grant Advantage, an innovative consulting business devoted to helping organizations unleash their strengths to embrace tomorrow's opportunities. Over the past decade, Alice has worked with hundreds of nonprofit organizations to help them increasetheir organizational capacity and secure funding. She has raised over 27 million writing federal, state, foundation, and corporate grants and has been in charge of awarding and monitoring federal funds to nonprofit organizations throughout West Virginia. If Alice is not at her computer writing, she can usually be found facilitating trainings for individuals and organizations, including Strength Based Grant Writing for Nonprofit Organizations, Accessing Federal Funds, and Using Outcome Data to Tell Your Story. Alice has also organized several funding conferences to address organizational sustainability for nonprofit organizations.
Alice Ruhnke