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SoG ReportLearn what over 4,000 organizational leaders just told us!

For Organizations:

What is a reasonable level of grant support you can expect to receive for your organization? These reports reflect on median awards by organizational budget, location, and mission - all benchmarks you can really use to establish your own grantseeking goals.

 For Foundations:

Is your foundation truly meeting the needs of those you serve? Are you aware of the challenges faced by nonprofit organizations? The State of Grantseeking can help guide your mission to greater efficacy and return on your investment in philanthropy.

For Businesses:

Are your products and services what the nonprofit sector is looking for? Does your business solve or alleviate the issue confronting today's organizations? The State of Grantseeking Reports takes the pulse of nonprofit organizations across the United States and the globe.

 This webinar will assist you in planning for 2018 and in managing the expectations of your stakeholders - board members, donors, and the community at large. While the webinar is chock-full of data, it also covers trends and free resources. We hope to see you there! This webinar will be held on Tuesday, January 16, 2018.                                                                             

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Ellen Mowrer

Ellen works with both clients and the GrantStation team in program adoption and management. In addition, she is responsible for marketing, finances, human resources, and The State of Grantseeking ™ Survey and Reports. Ellen is on the board of Music for Everyone, and is active in the fight against puppy mills.
Ellen Mowrer