Plan for Financial Success: Budgeting and Forecasting

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Do you find the budgeting process confusing? 

If you’re like many nonprofits, you may not be aware of the various budgeting methodologies you could employ. Or perhaps you struggle with understanding the difference between budgeting and forecasting and the goal for each. 

If the mere thought of budgeting makes you feel overwhelmed and you do not know where to start, then join Don Needs and Boyd Orr of Jitasa as they cover how you can start your budget or improve your current processes.

You’ll learn:

  • a step by step process to building your budget for success;
  • the different types of budgeting methodologies, so you can identify which will be the most effective for your organization; 
  • the key areas of risk you need to be aware of during the budgeting process;
  • how to break down your budget into actionable goals; 
  • why your organization needs to use both budgeting and forecasting (and the key differences); and,
  • how to automate both the budgeting and forecasting cycle to provide rapid decision-making capability for your organization.

Most importantly, you will learn how the right approach to budgeting and forecasting can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your organization. 

This webinar is perfect for you if you’re a director, board member, or nonprofit staff member who wants to understand the best practices and methodologies you can use to ensure your budget is a valuable tool that guides your organization to success. 

90 Minutes
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Don Needs & Boyd Orr - Jitasa

Don Needs - Chief Financial Officer at Jitasa
Don has been with Jitasa since 2013, starting as a financial analyst and working his way up to Chief Financial Officer. He joined the Jitasa team after earning his MBA from Boise State University and many years of experience as a business and budget development consultant for various companies in the Boise area. Don recently became an accredited Certified Management Accountant. In his free time, you’ll either find Don in the mountains or hanging out with his family. He lives out the spirit of serving others by increasing awareness about food preparation for those with severe food allergies.

Boyd Orr - CFO Strategic Advisor at Jitasa
Boyd brings over twelve years of nonprofit leadership and public accounting experience to Jitasa. His role provides budgeting, forecasting, and special project services to Jitasa’s clients. Before taking on the CFO Strategic Advisor position, Boyd served as Chief Financial Officer at ForKids, Inc. for five years. He has significant experience in federal and state grant compliance and reporting. He is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in Virginia and holds a Master of Accounting from The College of William and Mary. In his free time, Boyd enjoys swimming, running, and spending time with his family. He also has a passion for home projects and renovations.
Don Needs & Boyd Orr