The Power of 3: Strategic Planning for Long-Term Success

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A well-crafted strategic plan is a cornerstone of your nonprofit organization’s long-term success. Without knowing where you’re headed, how do you know where to focus today?

Strategic planning can help transform your nonprofit’s vision into a reality so that you can better serve your community. In fact, nonprofits can double their chances for success simply by creating a current and relevant strategic plan to guide growth.

Unfortunately, more than 70% of nonprofits that have a written plan admit that the document is sitting on a shelf collecting dust.  In this Power of 3 series, Marie Palacios, Lead Consultant at Funding for Good, will help ensure your strategic plan avoids this fate and instead drives your organization’s growth. She will walk you through essential aspects of strategic planning that can help your organization turn goals into actions. 

The first webinar, Build Capacity Through Strategic Planning, will break down the top ways a strategic plan contributes to fundraising success. You’ll learn why a well-crafted plan is the greatest tool in an organization’s fundraising toolkit.

The second webinar, Strategic Planning: The Beginning, will share different approaches to the strategic planning process and will give you professional tips on what works and what does not. You will walk away with an arsenal of strategies to generate buy-in from your board, staff, and stakeholders on the strategic planning process.

The final webinar, Strategic Planning: The Final Document, will highlight the essential components of your final written strategic plan. Marie will share strategies to ensure that your end product is clear, concise, and compelling. You will walk away with actionable tips on how to craft a plan that captures the shared vision of your collective group.

The webinars will take place on September 15th, September 29th, and October 13th at 2pm EST. 

Over three 90-minute webinars, you will:

  • move beyond the “spray and pray” approach to fundraising by learning how to leverage a strategic plan for dollars and donors;
  • discover what donors are actually looking for in your strategic plan;
  • understand the ten things every organization should know before drafting their strategic plan;
  • learn the three questions every well-crafted strategic plan must answer; and,
  • get access to a variety of free tools and templates that can help your organization grow for good.

And even if your organization already has a written plan, you’ll discover actionable tips and tools to keep your plan current and relevant.

This series is perfect for nonprofit leaders who want to create a clear, actionable strategic plan to guide their organization for years to come. 

Three 90-minute webinars (9.15.22 | 9.29.22 | 10.13.22)
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Marie Palacios

Marie Palacios, Lead Consultant for Funding for Good, is a native of Morganton, NC. She began her nonprofit experience as a volunteer while completing a community service project in college. During her freshman year at Lenoir-Rhyne University in Hickory, NC, Marie walked into a local nonprofit to volunteer with children and never left the field!

Over the past two decades, she has worn every hat imaginable in the nonprofit world: volunteer, board member, program director, executive director, and development consultant. Marie combines her experiences and expertise to help organizations grow for good. She is bilingual and uses her language skills to advocate for the Latino community, teach Spanish for Professionals courses, and offer consulting services in Spanish.

Her passions include program design, strategic planning, support for beginner nonprofits, board development, and fundraising.
Marie Palacios, Lead Consultant for Funding for Good