2021 Winning Grant Proposal Scoring Rubric

2021 Winning Grant Proposal Emblem


Scoring Guidelines

Introduction/ Executive Summary / Project Abstract: The opening statement should grab your attention and want you to read more. It should also provide a concise overview of the proposed project. Does it?

Organization Description / History: Does the description provide you a good overview of organization? Do you feel as if you have a handle on their history and their present situation?

Statement of Problem / Need: Is the problem /need clearly articulated? Do you feel you understand what it is, and why it needs to be addressed? Was there objective information presented so you trust their assessment of what is wrong and how it should be addressed?

Project/ Program Narrative: This narrative addresses how the organization will approach the problem / need they have identified and what they hope to change so the underlying issues are addressed.

Goals and Objectives: Are the goals visionary? Are the objectives measurable?

Plan of Action: Is the action plan detailed and somewhat time bound? Do you feel you understand exactly what they will do?

Evaluation and Measurable Outcomes: When the final report is filed, do you feel there will be a way to judge whether this project accomplished what it set out to do?

Budget: Does the budget reflect the narrative? Are there any big surprises (i.e. there is a full time staff person dedicated to the project that was never mentioned?)

Budget Narrative: Does the narrative justify the budget numbers?

Overall Presentation: Was this a cohesive description of the problem, the solution, and a way to determine if their work was successful? Was it a good read?