Organizational Structure

by Cynthia M. Adams, CEO,

Create an organizational chart to illustrate how your organization is structured. Include the names of individuals in administrative positions, their titles, and how long each staff person has served in a particular position. This helps to build credibility for your organization.

It is important to "paint a picture" for the reader. One that says, "This is a stable organization, with strong leadership."

Always note the population you serve at the top of the chart. It says to the reviewer that you know who you serve, and are aware that their needs are what drive your organization's programs.

Keep copies of this chart in your Grant Writing Docs folder in two sizes: one that fits on a full page and can become an attachment to a full proposal, if needed, and one that fits on half-a-page and can be inserted into the body of a proposal.

The organizational structure can be added to the organizational history if there isn't another place to add it. This is particularly important information to include in general operating support or capacity building requests.

Here's an...

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