The Title Page

by Cynthia M. Adams, CEO,

Begin the LOI with a title page that includes relevant information such as the date, contact person, phone number, and address. Make good use of the title page on the LOI by adding a graphic: photos can be compelling, as are vignettes or quotations. I like to use a quote from the mission statement, or the entire mission statement, if this is a potential new funder for the organization.

Project Name
Take the time to develop a great title for your project.

Remember that you want the title to reflect the outcomes of the overall project, if possible.

Try to use the title to tweak the reader's interest. Stay away from boring or non-descriptive titles. Try to give the person sitting at the table fighting to keep your project in the "to be funded" category a handle. If you use a long, unimaginative title that person has trouble even remembering it much less arguing your case.

Using a short title, such as "Watersheds" gives them something to hold on to while they fight to get your proposal funded.

If you can come up with a good short title, you can...

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