(FREE) How to Encourage Diversity in the Hiring Process

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Diversity and equity in hiring allows your nonprofit to better represent your community and openly demonstrates your values. Diverse teams bring together individuals with various backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. This diversity can lead to more creative problem-solving and innovative ideas, in addition to consideration of a wider range of factors and viewpoints when making decisions.

Unfortunately, many organizations struggle to attract and hire candidates from underrepresented backgrounds. It can be challenging to determine what diversity means within your organization and to eliminate implicit bias throughout the interview process.

During this webinar, Sneha Shah will provide you with practical strategies you can use to implement a diverse hiring process. You’ll hear practical, step-by-step tips that you can implement right away to hire more diverse team members.

You’ll learn:

  • how to use inclusive language in the job description;
  • where to source diverse candidates; and,
  • how to eliminate bias from the interview process.

You’ll walk away with practical knowledge on how to improve your organization’s hiring process.

This webinar is perfect for anyone involved in the hiring process at a nonprofit, including hiring managers, executive directors, board members, recruiters, and other HR professionals.

60 Minutes
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Sneha Shah, CPA, PHR

Sneha Shah is the President of Maneva Group, a minority and woman-owned national executive search firm focused on the social sector. After recruiting for 18 years and hiring over 1,000 people, she has become known for her insightful techniques to promote diversity and equity in hiring, innovative and proactive sourcing methods, and the seasoned hand with which she shepherds hiring teams.

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