Determine Your Approach

After you have put some time and thought into developing a strategy for approaching the funders on a project, you can determine your tactical approachhow much to ask of each funder, in which order to ask them, and when exactly to ask them.

Remember to include enough funding into your plan to absorb any denials. The total amount you request should always exceed the amount needed. For example, if you need to raise $50,000, you will probably submit requests adding up to $100,000 or more. 

Use your personal, editable dashboard to build your plan. The My Plan section of your dashboard allows you to note the Grantmaker, their Status, the Amount to Request, and the Application Deadline. You can determine when you want to develop the draft application, when you want to submit the application, and what the expected decision date is. You can include any additional Notes such as a key contact person and next steps.

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Scenario Planning