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Website Questions

I know that this specific funder exists so why are they not listed in your database?
  • The U.S. Charitable Giving database includes only those funders who accept proposals or letters of inquiry from a variety of nonprofit organizations. If you have a question about a funder, feel free to contact our Research Staff at research@grantstation, for they can look into that funder for you.
  • You can learn more about how we create our funder profiles.
Why don’t you list those funders who aren’t accepting unsolicited inquiries?
Our objective at GrantStation is to help our Members focus on the funding which they are most likely to receive. Therefore we focus our efforts on listing grantmakers who are most likely to respond to a request. We know most of our Members are performing grantseeking with limited resources and limited time, so we aim to give them the most likely leads for their efforts.
How often do you update your records?
Each of our funder records is scheduled for an update at least once each year, and typically more often if a record has multiple application deadlines. We also update records when we receive notices from grantmakers during the year. In addition, we monitor numerous online and print philanthropic publications, which allows us to add recently released information to our funder records.
How do I save my searches?
We are currently building functionality on our website for Members to save their results to a dashboard. In the meantime, the best way to save your list of results is by copying and pasting them into Excel. For saving a particular profile, you can copy and paste your list of results into Excel. You can copy and paste a profile page into Word. You also can try to bookmark a page with your browser. Keep watching our site for when we add more functionality for saving your results!
I enrolled through a TechSoup three-day promotion. What are the next steps?
Can I purchase multiple Memberships for my organization?
Yes. Discounts are offered to organizations purchasing ten or more Memberships. Large organizations may qualify for the Membership Value Program (MVP) or Volume Purchase Option (VPO). For more information, call us toll-free at 877.784.7268 or email info@grantstation.com.

Newsletter Questions

Why am I not receiving the GrantStation Insider or GrantStation International Insider?
  • It is possible your email program or provider is blocking the Insider. To make sure your program isn't blocking the newsletter, go to your junk email box and check your spam filters.
  • All email programs are different, but most email services with spam or junk mail folders offer users a simple method to designate which email addresses are safe and should come to the user's main email folder.
Why can't I see anything in the email you sent me?
Make sure that your email program is set to allow you to view HTML mailings and/or images and links.
How do I stop receiving emails from GrantStation? How do I change the name/email that the Insider is sent to?

Your account is completely controlled by you through your unique user interface located at the bottom of each newsletter.

At the bottom of the Insider newsletter that was emailed to you – below your subscribed email address – there is a link that looks like this.

Unsubscribe Screenshot

Click the "unsubscribe from this list" link at the bottom of the Insider newsletter and then follow the instructions to unsubscribe, or click the "update subscription preferences" link to change your name/email.