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Past Issues

COVID-19 Funding Opportunities 
Program Tackles Hunger in Canadian Communities
Grants Aid Organizations Serving Vulnerable Populations
Funding Facilitates Online Learning
Support for Quebec Organizations Addressing COVID-19 Challenges

National Funding Opportunities
Funds to Improve the Quality of Life for the LGBTQ+ Community
Grants Promote Canadian Publishing and Arts
Funding Targets Education, the Environment, and Community Well-Being
Sustainable Housing Projects Supported

Regional Funding Opportunities
Funding Available for Salmon Conservation in Atlantic Canada and Quebec
Organizations Working in Manitoba Supported
Giving Program Targets Nonprofits Serving the Toronto Community
Grants Encourage Healthy Lifestyles for Quebec Youth

Government Funding Opportunities
Technology Donations Provided
Support for Indigenous Heritage Preservation 

COVID-19 Funding Opportunities
Challenge Aims to Improve Men’s Mental Health During COVID-19
Funding Aids Ontario Organizations
COVID-19 Grants Target Company Communities
Health Promotion Research Supported

National Funding Opportunities
Funding Available for Indigenous Youth Leaders
Support for Arts, Education, and Health Initiatives Across Canada
Programs to Increase Access to Mental Health Services Funded
Conservation Efforts in Canada and the U.S. Supported

Regional Funding Opportunities
Programs Build Capacity of Organizations in Alberta and Saskatchewan
Funds for Salmon Conservation in British Columbia and the Yukon
Grants Benefit Mining Communities in Canada and the U.S.
Community-Based Projects in Saskatchewan Supported

Government Funding Opportunities
Grants Enhance Safety for Organizations Vulnerable to Hate Crime
Efforts to Strengthen Canada’s Arts Sector Funded

COVID-19 Funding Opportunities
Program Facilitates COVID-19 Response in Indigenous Communities
Research on COVID-19 Health Surveillance Funded
Support for Grassroots Projects in Alberta Communities

National Funding Opportunities
Funds Increase Access to Organic Food in Canada and the U.S.
Animal Welfare Projects and Training Supported
Grants Target Health and Social Services in Canada
Funding Promotes Social Justice in Canada and Abroad

Regional Funding Opportunities
Support for Environmental Initiatives in the Pacific Northwest
Grants Advance Social Justice Education in Alberta
Funds for Salmon Conservation in the Yukon Territory and Alaska
Funding Available for Indigenous Arts in British Columbia

Government Funding Opportunities
Research on the Digital Economy Supported
Challenge Promotes Innovation in Alberta’s Agriculture and Forestry Sectors


COVID-19 Funding Opportunities
Grants Foster Economic Resilience Across Canada
Support for Young Leaders Addressing COVID-19 Challenges
Funding Promotes Social Inclusion and Well-Being in Canada
Marketing Support Facilitates Reopening of Canadian Businesses

National Funding Opportunities
Canadian Documentary Films Funded
Funding Promotes Canadian Women’s Health
Support for Services and Research in Canada
Funding Benefits Company Communities Across Canada

Regional Funding Opportunities
Grants Cultivate Youth Creativity in Saskatchewan
Program Aids Alberta Organizations Conducting Volunteer Screening
Support for Heritage Sector Training in the Yukon
Grants Target Mental Health and Autism in the Tri-Cities Area of British Columbia

Government Funding Opportunities
Program Aids Canadian Forest Sector
Matching Grants Available for Wetlands Conservation in Canada

COVID-19 Funding Opportunities
Funding Available for Short- and Long-Term Needs Emerging From COVID-19
Grants Address Animal Welfare During COVID-19
Program Enables Artists to Share Their Work Online
Funds for Funeral Response and Organizations Working With Grieving Families

National Funding Opportunities
Support for Environmental Projects Across Canada
Funding Promotes Diversity, Technology Education, and Food Sustainability
Media Initiatives in Canada and the U.S. Supported
Funds for Canine Research and Projects Promoting Responsible Dog Ownership

Regional Funding Opportunities
Funding Strengthens Company Communities
Support for Environmental Education and Conservation in British Columbia
Funds Enable Nova Scotian Children to Participate in Sports
Giving Program Benefits Company Communities in Alberta

Government Funding Opportunities
Arts Training Organizations Supported
Program Targets Workplace Harassment

COVID-19 Funding Opportunities 
Funds to Combat Hunger Across Canada During the COVID-19 Crisis
Operating Grants Available to British Columbia Charities
Food and Monetary Donations for Organizations Feeding Hungry Canadians

National Funding Opportunities
Funding Aids Canadian Organizations Working With Children
Support for the Arts, Conservation, and Senior Care in Canada
Giving Program Targets Canadian Families in Need
Organizations Serving Vulnerable Canadians Funded

Regional Funding Opportunities
Small Grants Available for Youth-Led Environmental Projects in Alberta
Funding Facilitates Respiratory Care in British Columbia
Support for Mental Health and Environmental Initiatives in Eastern Canada
Funds Benefit Company Communities in Alberta, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland and Labrador

Government Funding Opportunities
Grants Promote Professional Development of Canadian Artists
Program Aims to Increase Bilingual Access to Justice Services

National Funding Opportunities
Support for Health, Education, and Environmental Initiatives
Grants Promote Understanding Between Canada and the U.S.
Funding Benefits Company Communities Across Canada
Program Targets Children, STEM Education, and Technology

Regional Funding Opportunities
Support for Individuals with Disabilities in British Columbia
Giving Program Benefits Selected Saskatchewan Communities
Grants Support Violence Prevention Initiatives in the Canadian Prairies
Donations and Sponsorships Benefit New Brunswick Communities

Government Funding Opportunities
Competition Seeks Innovative Foreign Policy Ideas
Capacity Building Grants Strengthen LGBTQ2 Organizations

National Funding Opportunities
Grants Enhance Youth Financial Literacy in Canada
Funding Expands Access to Mental Health Services
Support for Children’s Sports and Physical Activity Programs
Funds to Bring Salad Bars Into Canadian Schools

Regional Funding Opportunities
Legal Initiatives in the Northwest Territories Supported
Grants Promote Safety Education, Job Training, and Smart Energy in British Columbia
Funding Enhances the Quality of Life in Company Communities
Funds Benefit Veterans and Communities in the Yukon and British Columbia

Government Funding Opportunities
Support for Research Into the Risks of Plastic Pollution
Program Funds Wetlands Conservation in Quebec

National Funding Opportunities
Awards and Competitions Promote Climate Change Action in Canadian K-12 Schools
Support for Housing and Adult Education Initiatives Across Canada
Grants to Conserve Canada’s Environment and Wildlife
Competition Encourages Physical Activity in Canada

Regional Funding Opportunities
Capital Funding Benefits Western Canadian Communities
Ride Credits Available to Nonprofits in Vancouver, Ottawa, and Toronto
Funds Target Selected Saskatchewan Communities
Grants Enhance the Lives of At-Risk Children and Youth in Greater Winnipeg

Government Funding Opportunities
Program Bolsters Canadian Tourism
Funding Available for Sports and Recreation Initiatives in Nunavut

National Funding Opportunities
Matching Grants Support Partnerships Enhancing Urban Areas
Services for Canadians and Americans With Spinal Cord Injuries Funded
Funding Targets Gender-Based Violence in Canada
Science Teachers in Canada and the U.S. Eligible for Lab Makeovers

Regional Funding Opportunities
Facilities Enhancement and Tire Recycling Education Initiatives Funded
Corporate Giving Program Strengthens Ontario and Quebec Communities
Funding Fosters Mental and Physical Health in British Columbia
Support for Youth Arts Initiatives in Toronto

Government Funding Opportunities
Funding Improves Broadband Access in Underserved Areas of Canada
Matching Grants Aim to Prevent Tobacco Use