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Past Issues

National Funding Opportunities
Matching Grants Support Partnerships Enhancing Urban Areas
Services for Canadians and Americans With Spinal Cord Injuries Funded
Funding Targets Gender-Based Violence in Canada
Science Teachers in Canada and the U.S. Eligible for Lab Makeovers

Regional Funding Opportunities
Facilities Enhancement and Tire Recycling Education Initiatives Funded
Corporate Giving Program Strengthens Ontario and Quebec Communities
Funding Fosters Mental and Physical Health in British Columbia
Support for Youth Arts Initiatives in Toronto

Government Funding Opportunities
Funding Improves Broadband Access in Underserved Areas of Canada
Matching Grants Aim to Prevent Tobacco Use

National Funding Opportunities
Funding for Environmental Justice Litigation in Canada, Mexico, and the U.S.
Grants Available for Youth-Led Projects Across Canada
Crime Prevention and Safety Initiatives Funded
Support for Women's Organizations Promoting Social Justice in Canada and the U.S.

Regional Funding Opportunities
Program Promotes Healthy Eating in Ontario and Quebec Schools
Grants and Sponsorships Enhance the Quality of Life in Company Communities
Initiatives Targeting Alberta Youth Funded
Support for Communities in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, and Saskatchewan

Government Funding Opportunities
Grants Strengthen Indigenous Agriculture in Canada
Program Fosters Economic Development in Western Canada

National Funding Opportunities
Support for Canadian School Music Programs
Funding Combats Hunger Across Canada
Grants Enhance Health and Promote Science Education
Amateur Sports Initiatives Supported

Regional Funding Opportunities
New Brunswick Conservation Programs Funded
Support for Social Justice Initiatives in British Columbia Schools
Grants Benefit Quebec Organizations and Women Entrepreneurs
Funds to Improve Child and Youth Mental Health in Nova Scotia

Government Funding Opportunities
Funds Expand Access to Opportunities and Justice
Grants Expose Canadian Audiences to International Artists

National Funding Opportunities
Beehive Donations Facilitate Environmental Education
Support for Arts and Media Projects Fostering Social Change
Funding Available for Waterfowl Conservation Initiatives
Grants Promote Japanese Performing Arts in Canada and the U.S.

Regional Funding Opportunities
Support for Children's Sports in British Columbia Communities
Grants for Cardiovascular Health
Funding Available for Youth-Led Efforts to Combat Bullying in Saskatchewan
Support for Legal Research Projects in Quebec

Government Funding Opportunities
Grants Enhance Women and Children's Health in Developing Countries
Aboriginal Legal Projects Supported

National Funding Opportunities
Canadian School Breakfast Programs Supported
Grants Promote Outdoor Recreation in Canada
Support for Youth-Led Projects in Selected Communities
Funding Targets People Living with HIV/AIDS in Canada

Regional Funding Opportunities
Grants Enable Environmental Defenders in British Columbia to Access Legal Aid
Support for Fundraising Events in Rural Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan
Quebec Economic Development Initiatives Funded
Grants Foster Health and Well-Being in Eastern Newfoundland

Government Funding Opportunities
Funding Tackles Opioid and Methamphetamine Abuse in Canada
Grants Aim to Combat Online Disinformation