Write Proposals - An Overview

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In this section of the GrantStation website, we have included several step-by-step tutorials filled with ideas, resources, and processes you can adopt to write and submit stellar grant requests.

The first section, Getting Started, may sound like it is for the novice, but we encourage even seasoned professionals to take a quick look at this section. You may pick up some new ideas that you can incorporate into your existing approach to grant writing.

The Letter of Inquiry (LOI) section provides many “how to’s” combined with examples. It should be useful when you’re trying to develop a winning LOI.

In the Full Proposal section you will experience a step-by-step tutorial that discusses each section of a grant proposal, including statement of need, project description, budget, etc.. It also provides you with dozens of excellent winning grant requests. These proposals were written by individuals throughout the country, and are all winners in our annual Winning Grant Proposal contest. These examples can be incredibly helpful when writing your own proposal.

The final section focuses on editing and revising grant requests. This section can be very helpful if you have to submit basically the same request to the same funder year after year.