Premium Licensing Program (PLP)

Organizations throughout the U.S. are suffering from a membership attrition epidemic.

Don’t lower your rates.
Don’t cut your budget or your staff.
Change your deliverables!

Become a PLP Partner, and add immediate, measurable value to your organization’s membership benefits. Through PLP, partners can offer their members full access to GrantStation and its numerous benefits via the secure area of their own website.

Instant – Excellent – Content for Your Website

The Premium Licensing Program provides your members with complete access to GrantStation's online databases for private and governmental funding opportunities, tutorials, and grant development strategies, plus an annual subscription to the GrantStation Insider.

There is no need for additional login information. Once your members are logged into your website, they are automatically logged into the GrantStation website.

Simple to Implement

  • Perform a security audit.
  • Add a connecting webpage.
  • Introduce your members to GrantStation's benefits.

Program Overview (PDF)

Current Members of GrantStation's PLP

License Fees

GrantStation charges your organization quarterly based on the number of unique logins. There is a one-time set up fee of $1,000 to create your custom dashboard programmed to your organization’s platform and to launch this program. PLP pricing begins at $938 per quarter.

For additional information contact Cynthia Adams