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Past Issues

National Funding Opportunities
$1.5 Million in Prizes Recognize High School Skilled Trades Educators
Support Available for Grassroots Groups Nationwide
Mental Health Projects Managed by Medical Students Funded
Grants Strengthen Landscape Conservation Partnerships

Regional Funding Opportunities
Funding Enhances Access to Careers in New York's Green Economy
Programs Serving Families in North and South Carolina Supported
Grants Benefit Railroad Company Communities
Support Provided for Oklahoma Health Initiatives 

Federal Funding Opportunities
Pool Safety Efforts Funded
Grants Support Employment Programs for People With Mental Illness

National Funding Opportunities
$250 Million Available to Advance Opportunities for the Vulnerable
Funding Promotes Services for Relatives Acting as Parents
Innovative K-12 Classroom Projects Supported
Grants Enable Experimental Theater Productions

Regional Funding Opportunities
Media Initiatives Strengthening Democracy Funded in Key States
Support Benefits Company Communities in 35 States
Grants Bolster Health Programs in Pennsylvania and West Virginia
Idaho Nonprofit Organizations Supported

Federal Funding Opportunities
Funds Available for Adaptive Housing for Veterans
Program Helps At-Risk Foster Youth

National Funding Opportunities
Challenge Seeks Solutions Addressing Gender Equity in STEM
Funding Enhances Quality of Life for Adults With Autism
Efforts Strengthening the Arts Sector Supported
Grants Advance Conservation Projects Nationwide

Regional Funding Opportunities
Youth Development Programs Funded in Indiana
Awards Recognize Leaders Solving Challenges in California
Support Available for Health-Focused Programs in Tennessee
Grants Boost Wilderness Preservation in the Rocky Mountain West

Federal Funding Opportunities
Program Helps Domestic Violence Victims and Their Pets
Educational Activities for People With Disabilities Funded

National Funding Opportunities
Funding Strengthens HIV and AIDS Prevention and Care
Grants Available for Dog Shelter and Adoption Programs
Pro Bono Financial Planning Services Supported
Young Leaders in the U.S. and Canada Recognized With $10,000 Prize

Regional Funding Opportunities
Support Benefits Montana Organizations Addressing Pressing Issues
Art and Art Education Programs Funded in CT, FL, NY, and DC
Operating Grants Enhance Problem Solving in Three Midwest States
Funding Provided in Oklahoma and Surrounding States

Federal Funding Opportunities
Program Supports Arts for Youth in the Justice System
Funding Available for Sports for Disabled Vets and Armed Forces Members

National Funding Opportunities
Funding Available for Environmental Projects
Grants Benefit Domestic Violence Shelters Nationally
Social Justice and Anti-Racism Education Supported
Fellowship Promotes Indigenous Innovations

Regional Funding Opportunities
Support Provided for Capital Projects and Endowments in 12 States
Basic Needs, Education, and Civic Efforts Funded in Wyoming
Grants Advance Racial Equity in Washington
Maine Arts and Environmental Initiatives Supported

Federal Funding Opportunities
Agriculture Education Funded
Program Supports Wildlife on Public Lands

National Funding Opportunities
Prizes Advance Environment, Heritage Conservation, and Social Justice Innovations
$15 Million Available for New Initiatives Improving Pre-K-12 Education
$250,000 Awards Enhance Partnerships Promoting Health Equity
Energy Efficiency Projects of Visual Arts Organizations Funded

Regional Funding Opportunities
Support Provided in Company Communities
Grants Foster Positive Youth Development in OR, WA, and ID
Funding Promotes Racial Equity in Massachusetts
Education, Health, and Science Projects Supported in North Carolina

Federal Funding Opportunities
Program Supports Urban Agriculture Projects
Health Disparity Issues Addressed

National Funding Opportunities
Grants Promote Equity in Food Procurement
Award Strengthens Programs Serving Military and Veteran Communities
Efforts Addressing Diabetes Funded
Grants Benefit LGBTQ+ Youth in Schools

Regional Funding Opportunities
Funding Aims to Transform the High School Experience in New England
Colorado Organizations Serving Older Adults Supported
Small Grants Available for Alabama Environmental Education Efforts
Funds Target Homelessness in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin

Federal Funding Opportunities
Preservation of Battlefields Supported
Grants Available for Wetland Protection

National Funding Opportunities
Tribal Food Sovereignty Projects Supported
Programs Promote Journalism Education and Diversity
Grants Enhance Pollinator Habitat on Public Lands
Funding Available for Organizations Serving Senior Dogs

Regional Funding Opportunities
Grants Advance Renewable Energy in the Southeastern U.S.
Capital Projects Funded in Montana
Support Targets Vermont’s Rural Communities
Funds Boost Louisiana Litter and Waste Reduction Efforts

Federal Funding Opportunities
Program Helps Unaccompanied Children
Grants Available for Species Protection

National Funding Opportunities
RFP Seeks to Improve Education for Students With Learning Differences
Media Preservation Efforts Supported
Funds Promote Health for the LGBT Community
Grants Available for Youth-Led Projects Creating Positive Change

Regional Funding Opportunities
Support Targets Social Determinants of Health in Texas
New England Land Conservation Projects Funded
Grants Foster Racial Equity and Justice in the Greater DC Area
Nonprofits Serving Wyoming Communities Supported

Federal Funding Opportunities
Grants Benefit Homeless Individuals
Program Seeks to Preserve Historic Route 66

National Funding Opportunities
Small Grants Improve U.S. Communities
$100,000 Awards Available for Native Arts Projects
Funds Address Patient Safety in Healthcare
Gender Justice Organizations Supported

Regional Funding Opportunities
Rural Arts and Environmental Efforts Funded in Six States
Grants Advance Racial Equity and Social Justice in the South
Support Strengthens Healthcare in OR, ID, MT, and Parts of WA
Funds Promote Legal Services in Massachusetts

Federal Funding Opportunities
Program Seeks to Expand Substance Use Disorder Treatment
Arts Research Funded