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Past Issues

National Funding Opportunities
Support Promotes Thriving Children, Families, and Communities
Off-Road Vehicle Safety and Access Efforts Funded
Program Facilitates Youth Leadership Development and Service Learning
Grants Strengthen Grassroots Activist Projects

Regional Funding Opportunities
Funding Advances Healthy Aging Partnerships in 14 States
Grants Provided in Connecticut and Pennsylvania
Oral Health Programs Supported in Wisconsin
Communication Access for People With Disabilities Funded in California

Federal Funding Opportunities
Program Preserves Equal Rights History
Eviction Legal Aid Supported

National Funding Opportunities
Challenge Seeks AI Solutions Bolstering Climate and Nature Efforts
Funding Promotes the Contemporary Visual Arts
Grants Enhance Economics Education in the U.S.
Childhood Bereavement Services Supported

Regional Funding Opportunities
Projects Addressing Arts and Community Impact Funded in the South
Grants Aim to Improve Early Childhood Equity in Colorado
Support Benefits Communities Across South Dakota
Funding Targets Literacy in the MD, DC, and WV Area

Federal Funding Opportunities
Program Supports Rural Hospitals
Funds Available for Training on Environmental Hazards

National Funding Opportunities
Grants Advance Innovative Solutions to the Opioid Crisis
Alternative Dispute Resolution Initiatives Funded
Support Benefits the Japanese American Community
Grants Available for Rural Post-Secondary Education Research 

Regional Funding Opportunities
Funding Promotes Climate Solutions in Georgia
Ohio Nonprofit Organizations Supported
Grants Enhance Texas Public Libraries
Efforts Improving the Quality of Life in Maine Funded

Federal Funding Opportunities
Program Supports STEM Learning Opportunities
Funds Available to Assist Low-Income Homeowners

National Funding Opportunities
Unrestricted Funds Available to Nonprofits Throughout the U.S.
Grants Promote Well-Being for Older Adults
Building and Renovation of Youth Sport Spaces Supported
Grants Enhance U.S. Fire Departments

Regional Funding Opportunities
Support Bolsters Youth Mental Health Services in North Carolina
Illinois Civil Legal Aid Programs Funded
Grants Strengthen Native Truth and Healing Efforts in California
Conservation and Hunting Programs Supported in Florida 

Federal Funding Opportunities
Program Supports Domestic Violence Victims and Their Pets
Funds Available to Help Women Entrepreneurs

National Funding Opportunities
Grassroots Food System, Health, and Environmental Efforts Funded
Grants Facilitate Animal Sheltering and Adoptions
Support Promotes Entrepreneur and Investor Diversity
Funds Enhance Youth Running Programs

Regional Funding Opportunities
Grants Advance Arts and Heritage in Louisiana
Digital Education and Technology Access Supported
Funding Addresses Needs of LGBTQ Mississippians
Grants Strengthen Wildlife Conservation in Nevada

Federal Funding Opportunities
Funds Available to Help Expand Critical Sector Jobs
Outdoor Programs for Active Duty Service Members Supported

National Funding Opportunities
Call for Proposals Strengthens Childhood Obesity Prevention Efforts
Manufacturing Skills Training Programs Supported
One $100 Million Grant Provided to Solve a Critical Challenge
Funding Promotes Responsible Recreational Land Use

Regional Funding Opportunities
Grants Sustain Traditional Arts in California
Support Enhances Education for Minnesota Children and Youth
Community Investment Program Benefits Railroad Communities
Grants Available for Nonprofits Serving LGBTQ+ Texans

Federal Funding Opportunities
Funds Help Socially Disadvantaged and Veteran Farmers and Ranchers
Pool Safety Efforts Supported

National Funding Opportunities
Grants Facilitate Opening of Free Clinics
Criminal Legal System Transformation and Justice Alternatives Funded
Support Promotes Climbing Access and Environmental Conservation
Grants Address Child and Youth Welfare in the U.S.

Regional Funding Opportunities
Grassroots Organizing Supported in the South
Funding Enhances New Mexico Communities
Grants Advance Public Policy Efforts in New Jersey
Support Benefits Children and Families in Oregon 

Federal Funding Opportunities
Low-Income Housing for Seniors Funded
Support Available for Community Arts Projects

National Funding Opportunities
Programs Empowering Black Women and Girls Supported
$100,000 Awards Seed Mental Healthcare Solutions for Children and Youth
Grants Promote Garden Projects in the U.S. and Canada
Funding Provided for Native Youth Programming

Regional Funding Opportunities
Grants Advance Digital Equity in California
Animal Welfare Projects Funded in Ohio and the Great Lakes Region
Support Seeks to Improve the Environment in Virginia
Grants Strengthen New Hampshire Health Efforts

Federal Funding Opportunities
Funds Available for Crime Victims’ Rights Week
Program Supports Refugees

National Funding Opportunities
September 11 Youth Service Projects Funded
Challenge Seeks AI Solutions to Poverty
Grants Aim to Strengthen Local News Coverage
Support Enhances HIV/AIDS Services, Education, and Research

Regional Funding Opportunities
Renewal Grants Available for Indiana K-12 Educators
Children's Health and Education Programs Supported in North Carolina
Funds Promote Arts and Education in CT, FL, NY, and DC
Sponsorships Advance Oral Health Equity in Washington

Federal Funding Opportunities
Program Supports Women's Apprenticeships and Employment
Funds Available for Public Housing Revitalization

National Funding Opportunities
Performance of Contemporary American Music Supported
Grants Available for Social Justice Litigation
Funds Target Cybersecurity, Journalism, and Military Families and Veterans
Support Benefits Education and Youth Programs

Regional Funding Opportunities
Grants Promote Inclusion for Kentuckians Engaging in Substance Use
Support Provided in Native Communities in ND, SD, and MN
Social Impact Theatre Funded in the West
Grants Enhance Habitat Restoration in New England

Federal Funding Opportunities
Program Supports Research Into Technology
Funds Available for Radiation Exposure Screening