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Past Issues

National Funding Opportunities
Grants Promote Climate-Related Resilience in North America
Funds Aim to Increase Youth Participation in Service Projects
Patient Breast Care and Education Projects Supported
Grants Provided for Youth-Focused Cycling Projects

Regional Funding Opportunities
Support Available for Native Communities in ID, MT, OR, and WA
Youth-Led Urban Greening Projects Funded in the Eastern U.S.
Grants Strengthen BIPOC Organizations in Minnesota
Efforts Encouraging Movement in Nature Supported in Maine

Federal Funding Opportunities
Healthy Homes Projects Funded
Program Helps Lower Energy Costs in Rural Communities

National Funding Opportunities
Support Promotes Education, Community Organizing, and Music
Grants Improve Bicycling Infrastructure in U.S. Communities
Funds Available for Contemporary Visual Arts Production
Solar Energy Projects Supported

Regional Funding Opportunities
Grants Address Pollution in Port Communities
Efforts Increasing Access to Healthy Foods Funded in North Carolina
Support Provided for Alaska Programs Building a Skilled Workforce
Funding Promotes Reading in Ohio

Federal Funding Opportunities
Grants Available for Media Projects
Tenant Capacity Building Projects Supported

National Funding Opportunities
Grants Address Cybersecurity Issues
Awards Recognize Programs for Alzheimer's Caregivers
Consumer Internet Privacy Protection Efforts Funded
Support Available for Legal Cases Advancing Justice

Regional Funding Opportunities
Funding Benefits Communities in Railroad Network
Grants Provided for Community Programs Featuring Artists in the Midwest
Youth Development and Adult Job Programming Supported in Colorado
Grants Promote Women's Reproductive Health in the Southeast

Federal Funding Opportunities
Funds Available for Solar Energy Expansion
Food Security Efforts Supported

National Funding Opportunities
$30 Million Available for Partnerships Improving Access to Healthy Food
Initiatives Addressing DEI in the Performing Arts Supported
Funding Promotes Programs Fighting Poverty
Grants Advance Environmental Efforts

Regional Funding Opportunities
Support Enhances Company Communities in DE, IL, MD, NJ, PA, and DC
Health Projects Funded in Utah
Grants Aim to Improve the Quality of Life in Texas
Community Solutions for Health Problems Supported in Michigan

Federal Funding Opportunities
Digital Humanities Projects Funded
Grants Available for Marine Mammal Rescue Efforts

National Funding Opportunities
$10,000 Grants Available for Latino Artists and Arts Organizations
Programs Impacting Individuals With Paralysis Funded
Support Promotes Efforts to Safeguard Basic Freedoms
Initiative Encourages Humanities Study for Underserved High Schoolers

Regional Funding Opportunities
Funding Expands Mental Health Services in Schools
Grants Benefit the Washington, DC, Area
Rural Community Improvements Supported in Western States
Grants Strengthen Health Advocacy in Georgia

Federal Funding Opportunities
Efforts to Conserve Species Supported
Funds Available to Preserve Civil Rights History

National Funding Opportunities
Challenge Seeks Innovations in Career Exploration for Young People
Community Organizing for Systemic Change Supported
Funding Strengthens Harm Reduction Efforts
Grants Available for Music Education Programs

Regional Funding Opportunities
Companion Animal Welfare Projects Funded in Colorado
Grants Advance Equity in Arkansas
Support Provided for Projects Addressing Arizona Health Challenges
Grants Promote Employment for Black Youth in NBA Markets

Federal Funding Opportunities
Funds Available for Juvenile Justice Planning
Efforts to Advance Racial Equity in STEM Supported

National Funding Opportunities
Support Available for Professional Theatres and Dance Companies
Grants Expand Adult Literacy Programming
Funding Advances Wilderness and Biodiversity Protection
Digitization of Unique Historical and Cultural Materials Supported

Regional Funding Opportunities
Intercultural Understanding and Rural Projects Funded in Six States
Grants Enhance Environmental Efforts in Company Communities
Support Promotes Well-Being in ME, MA, NH, and VT
Funds Provided for LGBTQ+ Organizations Serving the Upper Midwest

Federal Funding Opportunities
Humanities Research Supported
Grants Available to Put Local Foods in Schools

National Funding Opportunities
Support Enhances Access to Parks in the U.S., Canada, and Europe
Grants Facilitate International Performances by U.S. Artists
Programs Serving Individuals With Autism Supported
Music Innovation and STEAM Education Programs Funded

Regional Funding Opportunities
Grants Strengthen Climate Adaptation Planning in California
Funding Benefits Maine Communities
Legal Aid for Low-Income Illinois Residents Supported
Grants Advance Opportunity in AR, LA, and MS

Federal Funding Opportunities
Funds Available for Clean Energy Programs
Program Supports Trauma-Affected Refugees

National Funding Opportunities
Grants up to $50,000 Refresh Community Spaces in Small Towns
Support Promotes Contemporary Concert Music
Grassroots Activist Projects Funded in the U.S.
Microgrants Boost Student Service Projects

Regional Funding Opportunities
Hunger Relief Supported in Ten States
Funds Benefit BIPOC-Led Arts Organizations in Minnesota
Grants Advance the LGBTQ+ Community in the Northeast
Support Provided to Nonprofits in Hawaii

Federal Funding Opportunities
Program Supports New Editions of Humanities Texts
Millions Available for Equitable Infrastructure Activities

National Funding Opportunities
Funding Aims to Improve the Lives of Young Children
Grants Strengthen Social and Economic Justice Movements
Support Available for Youth Service Projects
Christian Leaders Addressing Poverty and Inequality Funded

Regional Funding Opportunities
Support Promotes Oral Healthcare in IN, MI, and OH
Capital Grants Expand Land Conservation in Appalachian Areas
Efforts Advancing Gender Equality Funded in California
Grants Provided for Arts and Environmental Initiatives in Maine

Federal Funding Opportunities
Program Addresses Homelessness
Habitat Protection on Private Land Supported