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Past Issues

National Funding Opportunities
Crowdfunding Opportunity for Community Improvement Efforts
Support for Experimental Theater Productions
Volunteer Programs Assisting Seniors and Adults With Disabilities Funded
Grants Promote Human Progress and Independent Media 

Regional Funding Opportunities
Racial Equity Initiatives in the Washington, DC, Region Supported
Sponsorships for Organizations in Bank Communities in California, Oregon, and Washington 
Planning Grants for Historic Sites in the Midwest 
LGBTQ+ Organizations in Texas Funded

Federal Funding Opportunities
Program Helps Veterans Gain Agricultural Skills
Funds Available to Shelter Pregnant and Parenting Youth

National Funding Opportunities
Support for Senior Living Workforce Enhancement Strategies
Competition Benefits Asian American and Pacific Islander Organizations
Stringed Instrument Programs for Youth Funded
Grants Address Native American Self-Determination and Sovereignty

Regional Funding Opportunities
Organizations Serving Families and Children in Company Communities Supported
Funds for School-Based Mental Health Programs in Ten States
Grants Focus on Protecting New England's Forests and Rivers
Support for Community Organizing Efforts in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming

Federal Funding Opportunities
Funds Available to Help Disadvantaged Groups in Rural Areas
Program Assists Low-Income and ESL Taxpayers

National Funding Opportunities
Support for Mental Healthcare Solutions for Youth
National and Local Programs Addressing Health Inequities Funded
Grants Enhance Youth Justice Reform Efforts 
Grassroots Activist Groups Supported

Regional Funding Opportunities
Funds for Environmental Initiatives in Virginia
Grants Aim to Improve the Lives of Arizonans
Support for Maine's Animal Welfare Organizations
Suicide Prevention Efforts in Alaska Funded

Federal Funding Opportunities
Program Helps Street Youth
Funding Supports Environmental and Water Activities

National Funding Opportunities
Support for U.S. K-12 Education Projects Building Global Perspectives
Initiatives to Advance American Indian Programs Funded
Program Promotes Community Recycling Efforts
Grants for Organizations Addressing Fire Prevention and Control 

Regional Funding Opportunities
Community Organizing in the Midwest Supported
Funds for Programs to Improve the Quality of Life for Californians
Grants Enhance the Health and Education of North Carolina’s Children
Support for Rural Libraries in Texas

Federal Funding Opportunities
Program Supports Technical Assistance in Agriculture and Forestry
Funds Available to Support Scholarships in Public Health

National Funding Opportunities
Support for Community Programs Targeting Health and Well-Being 
Efforts to Address Grief Issues Funded
Grants Promote Civic Engagement Initiatives
Out of School Youth Music Programs Supported

Regional Funding Opportunities
Funds for Health and Human Services Delivery in New York State
Grants Foster Youth, Sports, and Education Programs in Arizona
Support for Bird Habitat Protection in Selected Regions
Affordable Housing and Job Creation Programs in Ohio Funded

Federal Funding Opportunities
Program Helps Girls in the Justice System
Funds Support Pacific Islands Conservation

National Funding Opportunities
Support for Community Collaborations Addressing Health Issues
Women-Led Environmental Arts Projects Funded
Grants Advance Social Change Initiatives Nationwide
Efforts to Engage Youth in Community Service Supported

Regional Funding Opportunities
Funds for Legal Services Providers Aiding California Veterans
Grants Enhance Local Football Fields in NFL Markets
Major Support for an Effort to Aid Georgia's Women and Children
Projects to Improve New Mexican Children's Health Funded

Federal Funding Opportunities
Program Supports Improved Mental Health Outcomes for Young Children
Environmental Justice Efforts Supported

National Funding Opportunities
Support for New Live Performance Projects
Large Scale Land Preservation Efforts Funded
Awards Honor Nonprofits in the United States and Canada
Grants Benefit Groups Oppressed by Poverty Nationwide 

Regional Funding Opportunities
Organizations in Company Communities in the Midwest and West Supported
Funds for Programs Addressing End-of-Life Issues in New York State
Major Grants Aim to Improve Lives in Texas and Surrounding States
Support for Programs Serving Wyoming's Women and Girls

Federal Funding Opportunities
Program Offers Second Chance for Former Prisoners
Digital Humanities Projects Supported

National Funding Opportunities
Support for Landscape Conservation Partnerships
Program Seeks to Benefit Women- and BIPOC-Owned Businesses
Grants Promote Technology Use by Nonprofits
Organizations Focused on Dog Adoptions Funded

Regional Funding Opportunities
Leaders Addressing Challenges in California Recognized
Oral Health Equity Efforts in Colorado Supported
Grassroots Organizations in the U.S. South and Western Canada Funded
Grants Aim to Reduce Tobacco Use in Maine

Federal Funding Opportunities
Workplace Safety Training Supported
Funds Available to Promote Local Food

National Funding Opportunities
Program Offers Community Revitalization Support
Green Job Development in Native Communities Funded
Grants Promote Fair Elections and Democratic Principles
Projects to Aid Low-Income Seniors Supported

Regional Funding Opportunities
Funds for Environmental Protection Efforts in the Rocky Mountain Region
Grants Improve Quality of Life in Company Communities on the East Coast
Support for Youth Programs in Oregon and SW Washington
Community Initiatives in Minnesota and the Dakotas Funded

Federal Funding Opportunities
Program Addresses AIDS and Mental Health for Minorities
Workforce Readiness for Youth Supported

National Funding Opportunities
Support for Programs Addressing Children’s Bereavement 
Efforts to Improve College and Career Success Funded
Grants Promote Clean Energy in Visual Arts Institutions
Animal Welfare Organizations Supported

Regional Funding Opportunities
Funds for Family Empowerment Projects in Six Southeast States 
Grants Enhance the Health of Utah’s Citizens
Support for Creative Engagement Efforts in the Midwest
Legal Services Providers in New Mexico Funded

Federal Funding Opportunities
Support Available to Strengthen Rural Economies
Program Funds Arts for the Underserved