Understand the Submission Process

After identifying appropriate funders through primary and secondary research, it is time to start preparing your proposals. Most of the time, funders have a list of instructions you are expected to follow. 

Funders call these guidelines different names (see Synonymous Terms). Regardless of the term used, it is critical to follow these instructions to the letter. 

Some grantmakers want a full proposal or application at the outset.

  • This will include the full details of your project. This is frequently called the project narrative. A project budget is also usually requested. These materials will be used to evaluate your project. 
  • Grantmakers will usually specify the information and attachments they need to make a funding decision. Also pay attention to the order of information requested in the guidelines. 
  • Submission information is also included in the guidelines. Electronic applications or online submissions are now the norm. However, some funders still request paper applications submitted through the...
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