Live Webinars: Celebrating 10 Years of Bright Ideas

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Alice Ruhnke
The Capital
The federal government is increasingly interested in funding the important work done by community and faith-based groups throughou…
Alayna Buckner
a man holding a projection chart
If you are the leader of a nonprofit organization, you have almost certainly been asked to predict the future revenue and expenses…
Lori Jacobwith
story and coffee cup on table
Is it possible to use stories in grant proposals? Why would we want to? One of the most important things a story does is help your…
Jeremy Smith
World Map
Join Jeremy Smith, Communications and Technology Director, and Sara Kennedy, Director of Online Education, for a quick tour of the…
Cynthia M. Adams
Hand holding Grants Sign
For the novice, as well as those with some experience, this webinar provides a fresh new approach to grantwriting. The rule for gr…