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Public funds can benefit your organization in many ways.

Stable financial support means you can grow or expand operations while planning for the long-term. It also builds credibility. Being awarded a government grant is a signal to donors, partners, and clients that the work you do is effective. Which makes it easier to raise even more money.

Unfortunately, many community organizations shy away from pursuing public funds. They view public funding as unattainable because it requires competition with larger organizations for public dollars. Or the complexities of the application process mean it's not worth the time involved.

But if you provide value to your community and can be a good steward of public money, then you should consider competing for public dollars.

During this webinar, Mindy Muller of Community Development Professionals will arm you with the information you need when considering public funding.

You’ll learn:

  • the structure of public funding from the federal level to the state and local levels;
  • how to weigh the pros and cons of pursuing public funding;
  • the process for tapping into public funds, including the request for proposal process and how to prepare, qualify, and apply for public funds;
  • federal requirements to think about before pursuing public dollars, like OMB Circulars, the Davis-Bacon Act, and environmental reviews; and,
  • tips on how you can confidently compete for these valuable public funds.

You’ll walk away ready to make an informed decision about whether public funding is the right path for your organization.

This session is perfect for nonprofits with a documented history of impact who want to grow and expand their ability to serve their community through the use of public funds.

CFRE LogoFull participation in this webinar is applicable for 1.5 points in Category 1.B -Education of the CFRE International application for initial certification and/or recertification.

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Mindy Muller

Mindy Muller is a social entrepreneur and founder and President/CEO of Community Development Professionals, LLC. With a passion to help nonprofits get organized and get funded, Mindy has authored more than 50 curricula on topics pertaining to nonprofit organizational development and has trained thousands of professionals representing community organizations across the United States and Canada. Mindy is a Certified Fund Raising Executive with a BA from Anderson University and an MS in Nonprofit Administration from Louisiana State University Shreveport.

Mindy Muller