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Do you want the inside track on the latest in grantseeking and grantmaking? TrendTrack is your new information pipeline to get up-to-speed and stay current on the trends happening in the world of philanthropy.

Our goal is for you to make the most of your grantseeking time and to get the most from your grant requests.

As we perform research for our grant listings and talk with nonprofit organizations, we get exposure to new practices and ideas. We will share these with you in three sections of the TrendTrack site.

  • Tracks to Success: This feature provides articles that focus on a particular grantmaker or philanthropic trend, to keep you apprised of the latest “top of topic” subjects within the world of grantseeking, management, and philanthropy.
  • State of Grantseeking: This is our semi-annual report of the survey results from our grantseeking community. We will also periodically post in depth information gleaned from the report.
  • GS Insights: This new blog features the thoughts and observations of our research staff, our CEO, and guest writers.

Visit the pages above to learn more about our efforts to keep you tuned into the grantseeking world. TrendTrack is the latest example of our ongoing commitment is to help you secure your share of the funding available this year and beyond.