Guest Author Submission Guidelines

The following are our submission guidelines for guest authors who wish to publish an Insights article on our website.

  1. Must be original content not published anywhere else (including on your personal blog or anywhere on or offline.
  2. Article should focus on a topic to do with being grant ready, grants research, grant writing, grants management, different forms of grant making (including Giving Circles and Donor Advised Funds).
  3. You should get an idea of the kinds of articles we publish by reviewing our published Insights articles.
  4. Suggested article length is between 3000 and 6000 characters.
  5. Include 'action steps' the reader should consider (usually 1 - 3 steps) doing next after reading your article.
  6. You should be able to furnish an image of yourself showing your full face, and it would also be good for you to have an idea of images you might include in your article. We will contact you about images if we accept your submission. You do not need to include them with your submission.